Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blogger hates Facebook because Facebook is all sexier than Blogger

I have a setting that converts all the posts I do here on Trapper Juan into Facebook notes. Plenty of people leave comments on Facebook, but no one ever comments here. (I have something of a theory about this — the logic may be slightly flawed, but my guess is that this is because people visit Facebook, while no one ever, ever visits this blog ever.)

Anyone know of a way to set it so comments from Facebook notes appear back here, on the OG posts? Is that even possible? It doesn't seem like it would be but figured I'd put it out there.


Ben Kessler said...

There's no way you can bring in the comments from Facebook, but I highly recommend using Disqus (disqus.com) to control your comments here on this blog. It allows users to login with Facebook Connect, and Twitter and then posts back to these profiles after they comment.

Doesn't really fix your cross-posting commenting issue, but its much better than the comment system on here!

Drew said...

Thanks for the suggestion dude. Yeah this comments system is wack.