Friday, July 03, 2009

An amazing bit of hate mail in response to my Transformers 2 review

In my short writeup of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I discussed how I thought the characters Skids and Mudflap were ridiculous and rather racist. It seems like many movie people felt the same way — even Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News, who characterizes himself as a "Michael Bay apologist."

This City Paper reader, apparently, did not take any of that into consideration before firing off this amazing screed to my editor. I've bolded my favorite parts!


Seriously, in response to your Movie Critic's review of Transformers...Drew Somethingorother. Leave it to a critic to pick up on racial stereotypes. You can totally call a mexican a shrimp taco if it adds to my theatregoing experience and he's IN on the joke. Hmmm...Low-brow.

Funny, it's a CHILDREN's cartoon. If it was so fucking unhealthy, why air it for years and then make a huge budget movie about it? Not to mention me and my friends, white, black AND mexican; every other kid that played with the fuckin' toys growin' up. Mudflap and Skidz were podnahs!!! Not street hustlers. Insofar as much as this guy trashes a seemingly racially unmotivated cartoon that probably brought more kids of racially diverse backgrounds together... this guy, NOT Michael Bay seems to have the problem here. The sales from this movie do not indicate that ANYONE is offended...well, with the exception of Mr. Drew Whatshisname. I do not appreciate HIS stereotyping...I mean, was there ever a more fitting use for the accusation of hypocrite?? Was I the ONLY one reading this detritus spewed forth by a bitter old man that hates summer movies? He is clearly lost on what transformers is. I'm sure if they didn't like being "stereotypes" they woulda been something else. They were, after all..."TRANSFUCKINGFORMERS" I think that they were fine being mudflap and skidz. Instructed? Dated JIVE-TALK? Conical RICE HAT? DRY CLEANER?? Seriously?? Hmmm...someone's got some issues, dated fuck. IT'S A FUCKING CARTOON. Much like you. IDIOT. FUCKING HYPOCRITE. You should be embarrassed. You, too, Editor, why don't you do the city and the public at large a favor and edit both of your useless, fun-sucking, racist selves outta that fuckin' paper? Why don't you transform yourselves into an opinion that anyone gives a remote shit about?


I'm so flattered that I think I'm going to spend my July 4 calling all the Mexican people I know "shrimp tacos" to see if they're "in" on the joke.

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