Thursday, May 21, 2009

People recently began using the tag "#realtalk" on Twitter. Here are some actual updates bearing the "#realtalk" tag.

IDK who started it, but you just put a statement of truth followed by #realtalk

I have to shower atleast 3times a day or I strt to get perinoid #realtalk

why girls act like they don't like big guys?????????????????? #realtalk

I want me a flamboyant gay hairdresser #realtalk


I think classical music is the most creative there is! Whenu can master lyric less music u're a genious! #realtalk

When people say ROTFLMAO I seriously don't think EVER has one person got off the computer to Roll On The Floor. #realtalk

I am the Einstein of modern socio-political theory #realtalk

I Have An INSANE Shoe Fetish, Like 600 Pair Worth of Fetish, But I Hate To Wear Shoes LoL! #realtalk

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