Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't you just hate nurses?

I found this when searching Google News for whether or not NBC renewed Scrubs:

Women Dressed in Scrubs Steal from Dollar General

DENVER, NC – Could it be nurses getting a “5-finger discount” from the Dollar General?


Detective Darrell Hutchens and Deputy K. Davis said store employees reported that two white females dressed in hospital or doctor’s office scrubs entered the store on May 6, 2009 and went straight to the aisle where beauty products were displayed.

The women began filling large bags they were carrying with a number of items including soap, lotion, bath products and other items.

The women were in the store less than two minutes and told the clerk on duty as they were leaving that the products could be purchased cheaper at Rite Aid. They jumped into a gray four-door sedan believed to be a Chevrolet Celebrity and left the parking lot.

In case you're in the mood for news worse than the fact that there's a group of mouthy serial shoplifter nurses driving around in a Chevy Celebrity — it turns out Scrubs has been renewed.

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