Sunday, July 20, 2008

ChaCha > steam engine

The other day, my co-worker
Molly Eichel asked text Q&A service ChaCha a very important question:

Question: "Drew Lazor: Cool or not?"

Their response:

Answer: "Drew Lazor, of the Philadelphia City Paper, is a well rounded food/restaurant critic who seems to know his business well, so cool."

ChaCha: More important than Darwin and Lincoln combined.


Ames said...

I agree! I LOVE ChaCha. They have helped me out in a jam more than once and I love their fun answers too.

Werd said...

We totally stumped ChaCha the other day - Johnny Cash did _not_ write "A Boy Named Sue".

It's sad how much vindication I got from that.

Evidently, you can become an answerer for them pretty easily.