Saturday, May 03, 2008

Yuri Shibuya for Theme


Theme just posted my Q&A with Yuri Shibuya.

Yuri is a noted commercial and skate photographer in Japan, but she's most passionate about travel: Several times a year, she takes off on trips all over the world, documenting who and what she comes across with her camera.
The trips themselves seem very spontaneous; how much planning is involved?

I do research on what time of year to go and costs, then I make a plan. Different reasons for different destinations. Like Jamaica and Cuba — I love the music from there, and I wanted to see where that music was coming from. I like seeing different cultures and lifestyles, which keep changing and fading away. I want to take pictures and document it all before it’s gone. Someday we might never see hand-painted signs or kids playing in the street anymore.
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