Monday, March 10, 2008

A short list of people who write more eloquently about The Wire than I ever could

Bethlehem Shoals @ Heaven and Here:

"What did and didn’t make it into that last episode is, in a lot of ways, Simon and co.’s definitive statement on what this program stood for. Or, more modestly, why this season had to be the way it was. The finale is a tautology that consumes everything that came before and will come after it."

Alessandra Stanley @ The New York Times:

"The Wire ended at just the right time: too soon. And it’s not that Mr. Simon’s series was the only intelligent drama on television. The difference is that most smart shows try to dazzle viewers with what they don’t know ... "The Wire" worked with primary sources that anybody could grasp if they looked closely out the window on the train from New York to Washington."

Alan Sepinwall @ What's Alan Watching?:

"Slim putting a bullet in Cheese's head while Cheese was in the middle of a bile-filled monologue celebrating the lack of loyalty and nostalgia in the drug game ... that was nice. After Bubbs walking up the stairs, it may have been the most uplifting moment of the whole finale. (The Wire: a guy goes up some stairs, and another guy takes a bullet to the head for being an asshole, and these are the feel-good moments!)"

David Plotz @ Slate:

"The internal lives of Dickens' characters are never quite as interesting or compelling as the whole shebang of plot, place, and social issue. The Wire has exactly the same glories and flaws."


- David Plotz: Saying Goodbye to My 13 Favorite Wire Scenes
- David Zurawik @ The Baltimore Sun:
"The Wire finale is a cop-out for a once-great show"
Baltimore City Paper: Top 10 Reasons Not to Cancel The Wire [2005]
Baltimore City Paper: Best Deleted Scene from The Wire's Fifth Season
Thulisio Dingwall, aka Kenard, talks about killing Omar on Baltimore's 92Q Jams
The Wire with a laugh track

And now, Omar Little's greatest hits.

The Prequel.
"It's all in the game."
- "I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase."
"You come at the king, you best not miss."
"Man, you lyin' to live."
"Do tell."
"Where my change, yo?"
- "Shame we didn't have more time together."
"Which one of y'all gonna open the truck for me?"
"That woman think I work in a cafeteria!"
"Money ain't got no owners. Only spenders."
The Scene.

[Illustration: Deanna Staffo/Baltimore City Paper]


Paul Tsikitas said...

Sadly I don't have HBO. bt I did get up to season two and I must say, this shit is the best damn drama television show I've ever seen and probably will.

Drew said...

Shit, I probably should've attached some sort of spoiler warning up top, now that I think about it. My bad. But definitely keep watching! Seasons 3 and 4 are the show (and TV) at its absolute best. The last season is great, too, but it doesn't quite reach the levels of the seasons that precede it. That's just because it's not really trying to, though.