Wednesday, January 02, 2008

City of gah

(photo cred: Eric Garault)

Blurb on the cover of a promo copy of
CéU's self-titled American debut:
Just when you think that Brazil must surely have exhausted its supply of jazzy, funky, sexy, soulful electro-pop singer-songwriters, someone like CéU comes along and irresistibly mixes samba, reggae, dub, electronica and soul music and makes you think that maybe that particular well is bottomless after all.

Portuguese is a gorgeous language, but I recently decided that learning it would be impractical since it's spoken only in Portugal, Brazil and in a few African countries, like Angola and Mozambique. Of course, this conclusion is on par with me deciding that it would be impractical for me to play two guard for the Chicago Bulls, insomuch as neither would ever happen even if I wanted them to. Yes, I am very boorish and American. But I have kicked around the thought of maybe possibly purchasing Rosetta Stone — the Spanish edition — a few times.

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