Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is a dark period!

Got an e-mail featuring John C. Reilly's response to his Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical:
“I am thrilled and honored that the HFPA has acknowledged the hard work of everyone who poured their hearts into “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.” I look forward to celebrating our film and all the other great movies, comedic and dramatic, at this year’s golden globes. I am proud to carry the torch for Jake Kasdan, Judd Apatow, and Mike Andrews without whom I could not have pulled off this performance. Somewhere, Dewey Cox is smiling.”
What, no boilerplate dick jokes?

We caught a sneak last week and it's no joke full of jokes, dick-related and otherwise. And more ridiculous cameos than any movie I've ever seen. (Jack White's Elvis is unstoppable.) Look for my review in next week's
City Paper.
Is this the beginning of the end, John? Magnolia, man, Magnolia!)


Hey dude, what's new in the Philippines lately? Not much, other than...

- a Manila gay bar releasing promo materials featuring
Harry Potter and Darth Vader in drag;

- President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo crushing the shit out of a military coup by ordering an armored vehicle to
smash into the front of a five-star hotel and fill it with tear gas;

- Filipino boxers forfeiting medal bouts in the Southeast Asian Games to protest
"biased judging";

- a government-instituted ban on
Christmas carols;

- and a
cry for Angelina Jolie's help from leftist farmers.

I'm convinced that
Yahoo's "Odd News" category could suckle on the country's 7,000+ teats for decades and never go hungry.


Be sure to check this week's CP for
"Stenton Avenue Reprise," an incredibly engaging jazzy multimedia extravaganza courtesy of the dudes Michael T. Regan and Rick Valenzuela.

And here you thought you could never be
hypnotized by Bubsy 3D. (Via Pat, who just got his first short story published! Dawww.)

Steve Irwin is an anagram for "interviews" (?!) and
other crocodile-related minutiae over on Ken Jennings' blog.

This February, look for my profile of the amazing Hamburger Eyes in Theme Magazine.

Ever since the revelation that
my boss has been tapped to write Cable, I've felt comfortable enough to publicly admit that I moonlight as Jubilee's fluff boy. The burns heal...they always do.

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