Monday, November 26, 2007

Gentleman, start your uppers/Showgirls quips...

She will play Julia Winston -- former wife of Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and the mother of his recently discovered teenage son, Kyle (Evan Ellingson) -- who becomes part of an investigation when her billionaire husband is murdered.

Berkley has guest-starred on the mothership CSI series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which spawned CSI: Miami.

The actress's feature credits include Showgirls, Any Given Sunday, Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Rodger Dodger.

And they're off!

- "The actress best known to twenty-somethings everywhere as Saved By the Bell's brainy, pill-popping, A.C. Slater-lovin' Jessie..."

- "Having already been there and done that in Las Vegas, Elizabeth Berkley is heading south for the winter. The onetime CSI guest star (what, you thought we were referring to Showgirls?) will be joining CSI: Miami next month as a recurring character."

- "Berkley, of course, is best known as Jesse Spano, the feminist who was so excited, but so scared after developing an addiction to caffeine pills in a very special episode of the 80s sitcom Saved By the Bell."

- "As for Berkley, who starred in what's arguably one of the worst movies ever made, The Hollywood Reporter sez she'll play Julia Winston, a woman caught in the middle of a murder investigation when her rich hubby is found dead. I couldn't confirm the rumor that the hubby died of shock after watching Berkley in Showgirls."

- "If you were a fan of Showgirls (or Saved By the Bell) you'll be excited* to hear that Elizabeth Berkley is joining CBS' crime drama CSI: Miami as a recurring character."

* Debatable.

(Thanks Michelle)


kibby said...

showgirls is my favorite movie ever, for real.

Drew said...

Not now, Kibby — I have my period. Check if you don't believe me.