Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weird things poppin'

I'm a noted e-narcissist, meaning that I Google search my name on a pretty regular basis. But when I went for it the other day, something...just...wasn't right.

The first result? This blog. I'll take it.

The second? An old bio page from my college newspaper.

The third?

The California Raisins' Wikipedia page.

This struck me as the perfect opportunity to roll out the second installment of my not-at-all-regular not-feature, the Trapper Juan Disconcertameter 5000
. (You may probably don't remember the first installment, in which I examined my still-vexing review of Spider-Man 3.)


What's most disconcerting about The California Raisins' Wiki being the third result of a Google search for my name?

a. That I am vocally and vehemently anti-raisin

b. That the link precedes Google ghosts like this article about ferret festivals or this piece on rollerblading inline skating

c. That every time I think about Lou Rawls, I'm like, "Man, that dude totally looks like the lead singer of The California Raisins" even though most normal people probably think about something like that the other way around


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