Thursday, May 10, 2007

Somewhat linear apology for not having any thoughts on LOST

I kept meaning to put together some pithy pathetic writeups for all the LOST that's rattled off lately, but to be honest, I've been lazy/somewhat unmotivated thanks to the back-to-back Kate- and Juliet-centric crapisodes (yes, the ones that aired in early April).

My embarrassing nerdcore obsession with the show, however, was reaffirmed by episodes like the Sun-centric "D.O.C.", which I found refreshing due to its complete disregard for stereotypical Asian gender characterizations. The writers portray Sun as an intelligent, self-assured woman who still manages to make decisions based on others before herself; Jin's mother is a gleefully sadistic manipulator of the non-Dragon lady variety. Jin is left wholly in the dark when it comes to his effed-up past, leaving no point of reference for hackneyed stoicism; his father, on the other hand, lives a life forever broken by the same circumstances. Just generally sharp stuff. The episode with the Locke's dad and the vicious choking and the wasn't half bad, either.

Of course, after last night, no one cares about either of these episodes anything else anymore.


There's nothing I can say that can't be more succinctly stated through excerpts from
this comments section.* (via Adam Riff)

”Looks like the guy who played Whistler in the Blade movies”

"i thought i read once that the producers would stick to scientific explanations for all things that had happened..but invisibility's too cool for science, i would say.."

”It's Terence Stamp. Just to be sure you know who that is... General Zod, Chancellor Vallorum...It is totally Terence Stamp.”

”Crazy ass theory: Jacob is God and Ben is Moses (but a failed Moses).”

”Am I the only person who thinks that it is
Brad Dourif?”

“Kris Kristofferson is the first person who popped into my head as well.”

“Funny thing also looks like the father of Alex P. Keaton in that 80's show with Michael J. Fox...I think his name is: Michael Gross”

”When I watched the episode last night, I initially thought Jacob was Dennis Hopper.”

”remember, ben was only supposed to be a bit part and get killed off, but now he's the main character of the show...seems awfully contrived to me :(“

”Jacob was to
Lost as the Emperor is to Star Wars... Not sure what to make of that but it seems like it could be useful.”

”I think he kind of looks like Lance Henriksen, to tell you the truth.”

”Jacob looks like David Crosby.”

"Jacob is Kris Kristofferson."

* Alternate screencaps (that look absolutely nothing like the other screencaps) here.

** These comments blow my fucking mind.


Trebuchet said...

I had a nightmare last night and ben was in it... eating my cat.

The man is effing horrifying on a level that almost makes me feel bad for him, in spite of a surely hefty paycheck. I mean, he's TERRIFYING looking.

Sara said...

A lot of people are saying that Jacob just looks like Locke with hair and such. Maybe that's why Locke is so special...