Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prinzhorn Dance School, "Up! Up! Up!"

The Horn (Tobin and Suzi) is no joke. They're gonna be huge. I recently had the chance to (e-mail) interview them for a short profile that's coming out sometime soon, and they gave some of the most infectiously glib British answers ever. I loved every e-second of it.

Me: How did you align to form Prinzhorn? Suzi, what is your background music-wise?

Suzi: No previous musical experience what so ever. I am not ready to share my life beyond my music. We met and wrote some songs I guess like any other band.

Me: Could you tell me just a bit about the debut? (For starters, what's it called?) Do you feel that it's along the same lines as the 7-inch single, or do you anticipate fans being surprised by the record as a whole?

Tobin: It doesn't have a title yet. I don't really have an idea of what a horn fan is or what they expect from a horn record. I don't like the word fan anyway, I think that's a patronizing term. But if people love the record that will be an amazing reward for everything we put into making it. If I didn't like the record I would have buried the masters somewhere and started again.

Mark my words: The Horn will be huge.

(Thanks Aaron)


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Drew said...

Attractive beatniks, to be sure.

Werd said...

Do you think the cupcakes they made are any good? Any better than the banana Tobin eats which, apparently, is awful?

I feel like I just watched them have the beginning of a hipster sleepover.