Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Holy Week in the Philippines

Just a few shots of late-night Holy Week processions in my mother's hometown of Taytay, Rizal,* which is something like the charmingly congested, ultra-zany Northeast Philly to downtown Manila's Center City. Click the images to blow 'em up. My sister took all these, by the way. She's the artistic one. I'm the good-looking one. Just kidding. I'm artistic, too.

*Wiki says: "This town is known for its quality, ready-made dresses and woodworks, hence the brand 'Garments and Woodworks Capital of the Philippines.'" They ain't lying: my lola (still going strong today, God bless her) ran her own garment business in her younger years; my lolo (R.I.P.) was a hell of a carpenter.

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Sassafras H. Wilmington said...

that statue of (the virgin mary?) is totally jelone in 3 short semesters...