Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Across the sea

By this time tomorrow, I'll be in some plane above some ocean en route to the Philippines. I haven't been over to see my family since the summer before high school, so I'm excited about the trip. Barring my abduction at the (small) hands of Muslim guerillas, I should be back the weekend after next. Until then, please enjoy these ethnic Filipino Barbie dolls and the mess of long-bookmarked links below. Much mahal.

(How the hell does Flickr know I'm Filipino?)

Write me!


Ladies and gentlemen: The most obscure Vice DOs and DON'Ts reference of all time. What's even better: The character they're talking about is played by Michael Des Barres. You know ... Michael Des Barres.

My very first published film review on the little-seen arthouse festival favorite TMNT.

City Paper now has a MySpace. We're the new kid. Be our friend. Please?

Turns out my dude Dan Daniel from school is now a certified health and lifestyle counselor. Go help him help you. Also, help him help you pick out shirts and stuff. Dan Daniel is stylish.

Big Daddy Kane kills it, drops mic, picks mic up, kills it. (via The Smoking Section)

A stellar PopMatters piece on meeting Jayson Blair. Seriously great stuff.

The insanity that was The Division II championship game between...Barton and Winona State?

Drew is throwing a Cinco de Mustache fiesta. He made a blog for it. He also recently made a MySpace for his cat. These are the kinds of things Drew does.

Nothing says flagrant foul on the whitest dude on the Eastern Seaboard quite like 50 Cent. Related: If you Google the whitest dude on the Eastern Seaboard, Adam Riff's Deadspun "Separated at Birth?" photo is the third result.

LCD Soundsystem's effed (good effed) video for "North American Scum."



Werd said...

Eat a whole pig for me while you're there.


Aren't you glad you don't live with me anymore?

Hemaworstje said...

nice nice, so a new island to explore, i will browse around.