Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nonlinear Thoughts on LOST

DISCLAIMER: This won't make any sense to sane people who aren't unhealthily obsessed with LOST. For those of you who are: the same applies.

- Elizabeth Mitchell's terrifying turn in Running Scared was the only redeeming quality of that malfunctioning pinball machine Sour Punch Straw hangover of a fucking movie. The image above is not a screencap from the film, but it's just as terrifying.

- Via flashback, we learn that Mitchell's character Juliet (who wears a lot of mom shirts) was a research doctor making headway in the field of impregnating stuff. In passing, it's revealed that she succeeded in knocking up a male field mouse; later, she succeeds in knocking up her sister. So, assuming that her sister does give birth to the child in a later episode, Juliet will be the kid's aunt AND his or her Gattaca father. S'fucked up. My guess: the baby will be Mr. Eko, but as a baby. A white baby.

- It was fun watching It's Always Sunny creator and The Prep alum Rob McElhenney get speared by Sawyer. For non-residents: Philly's a weird place where an already notable actor's two-second cameo on another show merits a 400-plus-word column (complete with phoned-in headline) in the Daily News.

- While it's unfortunate for the one dude Karl, drum and bass really is the best music for brainwashing.

- The new Taco Bell ad with the stoner lions isn't really that funny, but after reading something as inane as this, I consider it high satire.

- So, Juliet knew Tom Cruise's cousin before ending up on the island. Who didn't?

- Juliet's ex-husband getting owned by a bus -- after she jokingly alluded to as much in front of sketchy Mediterranean dude who was trying to recruit her -- seemed to be a testament to The Others' ruthless tactology and/or their closeknit relationship with public transportation workers' unions. At least I hope so. I'm going to be pissed if she ends up possessing some form of precognitive ability. They've already got Desmond. And there can be only one.

- A recap that's actually informative.

-'s LOST Survival Guide. I apologize in advance if the Applebee's commercial pops up.

NEXT WEEK: Claire makes the gas face. Kate fires an archaic rifle. Sayid's hair gets wet.

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Lou said...

Tonight's episode was great. I'm glad it was pretty simple to follow, 'cause I definitely don't remember crap from back in November.