Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't cut 'em no slack

At Target, OG Ninja Turtles have their own aisle marker. Eat it, Dragon Flyz.

Please justify the existence of the following action figures in the comments. Thank you.

Johnny Cash
Chuck D.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Wally Szczerbiak

If any Celtic deserves his own action figure, it's
Delonte West.

The FDR toy is missing a vital accessory.


TR said...

That Chuck D one is great. Did you see the Kurt Cobain one? If I was him i would be putting Saran Wrap on Courtney's toilet seat every morning.

Sara said...

Check this shit out.

Marie Constance said...

chuck d is in that documentary, hip hop: beyond beats and rhymes. he has a lot to say about the representation of hypermasculinity in mainstream hip hop.

cool dude. gonna go get me one of those action figures and have chuck d karate chop the shit out of misogynistic rappers.