Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Drew Year

This whole new year thing has got me feeling like this. And it doesn't help that I'm spending most all my free time getting reacquainted with early seasons of The Wire. Why, Bodie, why? Life has no meaning. Anyways, I'll be back on the horse real soon.

(Name the disaster depicted in the photo, win a prize.)


kibbly said...

I'm guessing triangle knitting factory fire. I have scissors that were born from this wreckage.
p.s. word veriication can be difficult after several glasses of wine.

bitch who cant spell, son. said...

i totally proved my own point about word verification by spelling it "veriication".

Also, "kibbly". wtf?

Jon said...

You realize that BET is gonna air all the episodes of The Wire (in neutered form) starting next week right?