Friday, December 01, 2006


On Sunday, this was pretty funny. It was the first time I'd ever had a seed of Symone planted in my brain without becoming visibly infuriated and punching a hole through a wall.

Friday morning, it's just depressing.

Okay, it's still kinda funny.

Back in the day Before I graduated in May, I worked an on-campus job at school. A girl named Raven also worked there. Whatever action she took, regardless of its context, was deemed "so Raven" by my boss and myself. She's gotta use the bathroom? That's so Raven. Need a pen? Pretty Raven. Wondering who pilfered all the "good stuff" from the complimentary candy box? Also quite Raven. We often wondered if she got that a lot. Which was probably a stupid thing to wonder.

Sorry, Ravens. Sorry, Raven.

(Thanks to Lou for the screencap)


Steve said...

He got sacked nine times.

Nine times?

Nine times.

Anonymous said...

they both suck..that's all. Oh yeh...Go Browns!