Friday, November 17, 2006

Holy flying knees/elbows

Via the perpetually informed Adam Riff:

The trailer for Kon Fai Bin, aka Dynamite Warrior, a Muay Thai Western (!). From Prachya Pinkaew, writer/director of Ong-bak. (Strangely, it's not listed on his IMDB page. Jon?) Quoth the YouTube commenters:


B. "dope on ice"

C. " Let's hope the movie isn't a two trick pony, the trailer is just rockets and spinning kicks over and over."

D. " Looks like a martial arts Muay Thai film. Pretty sweet stuff."

a. I have no problem with this comment.

b. This one either. Neither.

c. You've obviously never watched a martial arts flick.

d. This guy seems good at identifying martial arts flicks, provided he's given a few clues (all the actors are Asian, they're fighting each other in a highly stylized manner, every single piece of on-screen verbiage is written in the Thai alphabet, etc.) D, give C your e-mail.

(I'm curious: whose commenters are worse, IMDB's or YouTube's?)


Steve said...

Youtube comments don't even come close to the inane, misguided bickering that can be found ONLY on imdb message boards.

Jon said...

Pinkaew produced it.

Anonymous said...

dude, outstanding question. I think IMDB comments can read like a bunch of bickering sorority girls sometimes. Youtube more or less at least has an insightful one at least somewhere on every post. Yet IMDB's got the comment rating thing, to its credit (the "was this review helpful" dealie). Hard to say.