Sunday, November 26, 2006

Clay > Mother Teresa

The Claynation does not play. Some YouTuber/Clay Aiken fanatic has put together this video, which plays up Clay's charity work as a response to Kelly Ripa's recent freakthefuckoutfornoreason. I knew Clay was into philanthropy and all that, but damn, this video makes him out to be the greatest human being in all of recorded history. Honestly, it does seem like his heart's in the right place, but no amount of charity work is gonna help me forget that bloodcurdling rendition of "Vincent" he did on the Idol way back when. I ain't been able to look at shadows on the hills, trees and/or daffodils the same since.

Some of my favorite highlights noted below:

Clay and Jessica Simpson combine efforts to wrest a defenseless child from the arms of Ronald McDonald.
Clay has lobbied on Capitol Hill?! Actually impressive. Nice work.
Something about Clay speaking out against bullying. I couldn't focus, as my attention was drawn to his sweater, which is a Faded Glory/Cherokee version of the beautiful outfits in House of Flying Daggers.
Clay's rendition know, I don't know what that's Clay rendition of.
Clay is shown kneeling contemplatively in a room full of sleeping African children covered in what appear to be American Eagle sweaters.
"Clay's hands have counted and sorted beans." (?)

In the end, only kindness matters.


Anonymous said...

'Blood curdling rendition of VINCENT'?? You must not have an ear for music. That was beautifully done and ONLY Simon thought different as he had it in for Clay fron the start because he knew that competition was over when Clay sang his very first notes to him.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone is going to like Clay's voice..or his fashion sense..and maybe the Claymates do go overboard in their defense of Clay at times, but he's one of their own...and you know how it is when someone attacks one of your own for no apparent reason. Also, the guy's done a lot of good things that get overshadowed in the media by dumb shit. I don't like bullying, and that's my excuse for making this blog to point out what a hypocrite Kelly Ripa is. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting that video! I hadn't seen it before and didn't realize Aiken is a pretty good guy.

Anonymous said...

I agree, only kindness matters and Clay Aiken seems to be a very kind man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Thanks for understanding the point Clay fans have tried to make this week. Only kindness matters, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bwah! Love the blog. Clay Aiken is a great guy, I freely admit, but celebrity culture these days deserves to be the butt of jokes. You are a funny, funny man!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:22 needs to chill out. Over-reactive Claymate alert!

Or was that a joke? You never can tell with these folks, some of whom are really intelligent and witty and some of whom are, well, over-reactive.

Anyway, great snark Juan. And yeah, I don't mind Aiken. If only they would give him something good to sing.

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog. I needed a laugh. Aiken has done a lot of good no one but his fans really know about.
the picture of the lady in pink he's dancing with is in a wheelchair. he lifted her out of it to dance with her. the beans thing...he's in Uganda, sorting thier rations, the children on the groud are Ugandas night travellers(they have to travel to the cities at night so they won't be kidnapped brutally beaten, raped or forced to shoot people.)

Testifeid before congress, appointed to the white house commitee,his foundation has been given million dollar grants,and one grant from the government to propose a curriculum for US schools.

During the weekend following Ripas show Clay was working for Unicef, Kelly was taking to Howrd Stern about rudeness.

Most POP stars would use all this stuff to promote themselves everywhere. Clay seems to do this stuff low key for the most part.

I think that's cool. OH. and I agree about Vincent. Maybe because a song about suicide after your half sister has committed suicide ayear or two befrore he had to sing it wasn't a good thing either.

OH, crap , this sounds like a claymate post. Damn my sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Our celebrity obsessed culture loves to talk about the trivial things done by smart, kind, people like Clay Aiken. He starts a foundation for inclusion of children with disabilitites and you never hear a word, but let him screw up during an interview and it does on for days. Love your blog and your sense of humor. We could all use a little, including Kelly Ripa

Anonymous said...

OH, crap , this sounds like a claymate post. Damn my sister!!!

Don't feel bad, LOL, it was only a matter of time! Clay's just got that gift to reach people (whether it be through his singing, performing, teaching, charity work, etc.). It's all good.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I have always loved his voice which is definitely a gift from God. I have not paid much attention to the man himself. I now see him in a whole new light.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog...snarky, yet gentle. Heh. And don't mind the overinvested admirers, Clay has lots that don't go off the deep end but support him just the same; it's just the others that get the press. Gotta love them. Only not, cuz it makes his road a bit bumpier than it should be, imo. But, it is what it is. Anyways, I liked your humor.

Anonymous said...

just stumble upon this !!!!

Clay seems like he does quite a bit of good work under the radar. I kind of like that. Nice guy .
Yeah, Kelly Ripa overreacted to say the least, very unprofessional on her part !

Anonymous said...

In the end, only kindness matters
You got it!!
This past week has shown the craziness of celebrity. For what reason Ripa melted down, we may never know. Could be ratings, could be she just needs a good meal. Anyway the first one to laugh about this would be Clay.

Shadylil said...

Nice blog. It's nice when a blogger sees behind the hoopla to the real person. As much as Clay does really good works, let's not forget that first and foremost, his voice is one of the best out there.

BTW, he's testified three times before Congress, twice was for more funding for UNICEF, once was...I forget, something about education.

Check out these links for more information on the Ripacrite incident:


Anonymous said...

BWAH! Great blog. Yeah, Clay's a good guy with a huge heart but that was one FUGLY green sweater...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this video in your bog. It's a great video, and really shows all the good that Clay Aiken does. He is a good guy. Not rude. He DOES have manners. He cares about people. He trying to make a difference in this world. In a very positive way.

By the way, the forgotten words during his Vincent performence? Did you know, the producers changed the lyrics on him at the very last minute? He very professionally carried on without missing a beat.

Anonymous said...

Clay is a good guy, and he doesn't brag at all about his good works. He also handles the crap with grace and a sense of humor. KRip, not so much.

As far as Vincent goes, I thought it was beautiful. You know the powers that be assigned him that song, don't you? He didn't pick it. And they changed the arrangement on him only a few hours before the performance. Then Simon was nasty to him because he forgot a few words. I could understand that if Simon were consistent. Everyone else that's forgotten words since then has been forgiven.

Clay is not perfect. I wouldn't want him to be. But he hasn't gotten a fair shake since the beginning. No wonder his fans feel like they have to go overboard to defend him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Clay Aiken has been busy. He does seem like one of the good guys. I've never heard of him having any trouble on a talk show before so maybe Kelly Ripa is the one with the problem.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Yes, only kindness matters. Clay seems to be the epitome of kindness and I wish there were more like him.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. You see the bigger picture. Yes, kindness is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. You see the bigger picture. Kindness DOES matter. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A great and humble man does not flaunt what greatness he does for his fellowmen. Clay may not be perfect, but he is one who stays true to himself. He is one of the few young men and women in showbiz
today who utilize their celebrity status to bring awareness to what they believe is lacking in today's world, MORALITY and SELF-RESPECT. To me, that is admirable.

Chardonnay said...

Loved the humor in your blog Trapper Juan. Even though you are obviously not a big fan you still handled your critique like a big man and THAT.. I appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Clay is an inspiration to everyone. We are all put on this earth to serve,this is what it means to be a human being and Clay has done that in a thousand different ways.Clay makes me want to be a better person

Thanks so much


Anonymous said...

Kindness is the word. Ripacrite could have chosen kindness. She could have been gracious enough to realize that this was a young guy excited about his first hosting gig, a rookie nervous about being as entertaining as he could, a kid who has expressed the desire to one day host a talk show much like Donahue's. She could have been kind enough to cut the newbie some slack for a minor faux pas. She could have approached him in a professional manner after the show & given him a mentor's critique. Even telling him off in private afterwards would have been kinder than humiliating him in public for a well-meaning, but misguided joke. No, Hypocripa is not a kind woman. But Clay has proven over & over again in public & private scenarios that he is a kind man. He could have fired back, but he chose to react with class. Thank you, Trapper Juan, for seeing the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Kelly's comment had nothing to do with germs--but had everything to do with Clay's "telling" her with that mouth-stifling action, to "shut up". Clay did it playfully, but she didn't take it well, and used the "germs" as an excuse. She certainly was not a gracious host. Kelly should have shared the stage just a little bit for her co-host instead of hogging it. I think she is classless, and she acted like an idiot for making a small thing so huge.

Who cares what Clay wears? Not me. He has shown that he is talented, smart, funny, kind, caring, dedicated and honest. I love his beautiful voice, but I love the man he is even more.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Clay has been very busy; I had no idea he has participated so many charitable works. He seems pretty cool, and he is very talented too.

Kelly was so rude. I couldn't believe how she was going off on him several days after the show. Totally unbelievable.

Thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

Kelly sure turned that tiny molehill into a mountain, and ended up looking like an idiot. It was ridiculous. Clay Aiken seems like a nice guy, and it's great that he is so into doing good for others. He's a pretty good singer too.

aclaymom said...

Just another Claymate saying thanks for being big enough to look at the whole picture. As for an earlier comment about the music he has been given, that speaks to Clive Davis, who seems to want Clay to produce while wearing a stone collar. Clay has proved himself again and again to be true to his faith and his word. God bless him. You, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting that blog. Clay Aiken does want to make a difference in the world to help others have a better life. Clay does a lot of good deeds where there are no cameras, no photo-ops, like many others do. At his Wolf Trap concert, he noticed a woman on a stretcher in the audience. She had been brought by ambulance as she had cancer and was dying but wanted to see Clay. After the show, Clay ran to the ambulance, crawled up into it, and visited with this lady with no cameras popping, just holding this lady's hand and talking with her. The lady has since died but Clay made her day and the only way we found out was that her sister posted this info.

Why do Clay's fans love him? The above is just one reason. Thanks for bringing this info. to more people.

Anonymous said...

You rock!!!! Finally, someone who sees that Clay is a nice guy who is kind.

TrapperJuan, you rule!!!

Paul Tsikitas said...

"Clay's hands have make..."

The Claynation needs to learn how to write before doing this shit.

Clay Aiken sucks balls.

Anonymous said...

It is crystal clear that Clay had an excellent upbringing while growing up. In lay language, he was taught right!This sets him apart from others. I am sure he is thankful and proud to be surrounded by good people like his family and friends who care about him. That, I think gives him courage to fight his battles. Add to this, his ever supportive fans will always be behind him.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh no! I think Paul from 3:37 is sad that Clay won't suck HIS balls! Poor guy! It's okay Paul, I'm sure you can find some other guy to do that for you.

You watch that video of the good that this man does, like him or not that's up to you, and what you take away from it is a typo? Wow! How totally shallow is that? Apparently your parents didn't have a gene pool... just a gene mud puddle. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Getting your blog because I have "Clay Aiken" in my Google alerts. You really don't have to like him--whatever floats your boat. But you probably would get a lot more hits if you focus only on him. Is that what you're wanting? Reading your comments did give me a few laughs.
I'll continue to appreciate Mr. Aiken's talent for as long as he wishes to share it with us.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Actually, anonymous from 6:46, he did suck my balls once. It was pretty second rate job. He's no Rueben. It was sloppy like his performing and he spit too much. Funny thing is, he didn't really use his hands at all so I agree that Kelly had no reason to freak out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul at 3:37 & 4:33:
Stating the obvious, your motives and comments are suspect and the use of lies are so typical.

It is easy to identify your type in the internet because your writing:
- tends not to address the "blog" topic at hand but go off half cocked on an un-related topci and therefore does not contribute to the discussion with anything that is of worth.
- mostly consist of 4 lettered words, sex organs (usually in reference to your own), filthy comments...etc.
- shows a sad lack of intelligence or critical thoughts.
- is easily recognized as a smear campaign.

I have seen you and your type all over the web with the same M.O. Hate to burst your bubbles but only those who also have the same "lack" as you would believe what you write. Your motive is so transparent that your opinions are dismissed by the masses because the rest of "bloggers" are intelligent and decent enough to see through you scheme.

I do encourage you to keep trying though because your attempts actually generate the opposite results of landslide proportion. They fuel the passion of those who will defend him fiercly and sway those who maybe on the sidelines to take an objective look at this young man for who he really is.

Take a page from Kelly Ripa...the lady doth complained too much... the more she complains and tries to make herself a victim the more the public opinion denounces her behavior.

Ever tried countings the blogs? You are in a "less than a minority" group . Your opinions really don't count in the greater scheme of things nor do they sway the popular opinion about this man. I welcome you to try.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Thanks for your concern. I guess I didn't realize that blogging about Clay Aiken was so epic in nature in the grand scheme of things. I'm sorry your opinion about a teen idol who was generated for the soul purpose of getting people to watch their network and process the lowest possible quality of work is so important and that unless my view point matches that of the masses, that I am a useless entity. I was never aware that was how the system worked. I will try harder to tolerate the American Idol blogging community more seriously in the future. I never knew that they were so important to anything more than just what our consumer oriented government and society has become. I didn't know the values of Clay Aiken were so important.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the rest of your existence on this planet as an advocate for Mr. Aiken. I'm sure he will be proud of you.

PS- Next time you have a problem, don't start your arguement with this kind of rant:
"Anonymous said...
Ooooh no! I think Paul from 3:37 is sad that Clay won't suck HIS balls! Poor guy! It's okay Paul, I'm sure you can find some other guy to do that for you.

You watch that video of the good that this man does, like him or not that's up to you, and what you take away from it is a typo? Wow! How totally shallow is that? Apparently your parents didn't have a gene pool... just a gene mud puddle. So sad.

6:46 AM "
..and then go on to say that I am the reason bloggers are untrustworthy. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul at 3:26pm:

I'm Anonymous 4:53am previous to your blog. Thank you for this blog (I do really mean it). I see that you really have a real opinion (albeit different & covered by a lot of sarcasms.

That's ok.

You don't like the machination (American Idol) that generated this hoopla. I don't dwell on A.I. either. It is only a simple short term entertainment for me and I did not even vote in any of the seasons. It is neither the beginning nor the end of the world for me. The fact he was a teen idol held little importance to me also.

In this context only, a nice guy was being unfairly treated by nasty media and TV personality. I tend to defend and "underdog" and go after the irresponsible media.

You have your reasons for disliking him and I disagree with them - you see him as a useless product from A.I.; I see him beyond A.I.. We can agree to disagree.

You thought this is an American Idol blogging community and I suspect that it is not. May be this is where the misunderstanding began. I thought this was just an open blog about one particular subject. It is too bad that we can't ask previous bloggers to i.d. themselves whether they considering themselves of the A.I. community or not. Well at least I can say I am not.

Your viewpoint does not have to be the same as the masses to be an opinion of worth. Just don't mask them with dirt & crass talk. I tend to find people who choose to talk or blog that way really don't care or want to take part of the discussion at hand but would like to stir up trouble. (Is this your goal all along? I hope not.) Because of that I do dismiss those comments and their commentators as worthless.

You have to admit that you had insulted others who is passionate about this subject and about him. I bet you would defend fiercely what you are passionate about also if you are getting such comments.

I am happy that I actually have a passion about something other than myself and the rest of my existence on this planet. I have other passions other than Mr. Aiken that I am proud of and enjoy. I trust you do too (other than being an outspoken person who dislikes him.)

You shed some light into what your reasons & opinions are. I prefer to have read these than your previous blogs. You use a different standard of measurement than I do on the subject and that's ok.

At least now I know that our differences in opinion had different foundations.

I do agree with that one of those "anonymous" comments you cited was not appropriate either.

But not all of them.

One blogger had a made a valid point although dressed in sarcasm about " taking away from it a typo..". Hey, It is no different from the sarcasm you used to bring out your points on your last blog.

Just want you to know that I did not send those comments.

Just to be fair as well, you did cast the first stone by your 3:37pm blog content. You can't complain about their "rant" when you know that is exactly what you will get. I think had this latest blog of yours been the first one, you'll probably still get blogs that will counter your viewpoint but that's just intelligent debate among bloggers (which includes you). You'll probably get less "rants" too, and if you get "rants" that are full of crass & dirty language, they should be dismissed.

Again, thank you again for this blog.


P.S. No sarcasm in my blog.

Anonymous said...

hey juan, just here to give this blog hits,
and i'm enjoying most of the comments, the rest i find are a reflection on what society and the anonimity of posting (yet being able to hide behind the computer screen) and what the access to the internet has wrought. the faceless posts that would dare to malign someone who is a stranger to them, be it a celebrity or another poster and the ease of spreading rumour.

I am in fact Paul Tsikitas' Gay lover and I am announcing it to the world. we shared a night of unfulfilling sex and Jack Daniels, I have pictures to prove it! he now refuses to acknowledge our love and I will continue to post this all over the internet until he admits it!!!

There, see! who's to say i'm lying. it's here for everyone to see. I can now go to 100's of sites and post this anywhere I want. He can't stop me, There is very little control, Some will believe it. "I read it somewhere.....", point click journalists will pick this up and reprint it, bloggers will blog,or at least they would if Paul was anybody that anyone outside of paul's own circle would care about. Cyber harrassment has gotten pretty bad and the complete misinformation on the internet has reached far beyond comments on a blog. News media reports misleading news on the internet.Photoshoped pictures making it's way into national media. Gossip blogs with no leagal responsibilities can spread crap about anyone. I can't understand the motivation behind it. what's to gain from posting hate,and lies?Juan,(Drew) where do we draw the line?

Now Paul, I have copied and pasted our little trist on several other blogs around the internet, Can you find them? Good luck!

Paul Tsikitas said...

Haha! That rules! I remember that trist. The Jack was better than the sex, true. But that's America in a bottle. I'm glad it's posted all over the web because their is more bullshit out there than truth. And if you want to spread bullshit, go for it.

And to the other anon, if only you knew the person who actually writes this, you would know why my crass comments were made. It was for his enjoyment and not the Claynations. I do apologize for that. Sometimes you gotta spark some fun on the interweb.

As for Clay, I don't really give a damn either way. I don't buy into the pop culture of American Idol's as you have noticed. I know some people who are Claymates and don't harsh on their buzz of his music. So I formally apologize for hurting the feelings of the fanatics out there.

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

you loved our tryst Paul and you know it. i Think I'm pregnant and it's yours.

The problem is I guess those idiots that believe what they read, and copy and spew the lies as though it were fact( like paul did with Clay). where are the inteligent decisions, the reality based common sense that the tabloids make shit up. bat boy doesn't exist. tabloid stuff is trash. the 1-800 # at the bottom of the enquirer stating "if you have a story about a celebrity call..." is an obvious thing . Why not say we'll pay you to lie.