Saturday, September 30, 2006

What's your all-time favorite Bill Murray role?

I guess you can pick What About Bob?, but that'd be a bit like saying Point Break is the crown jewel of Keanu Reeves' catalogue raisonné. A-duh, son.


PatrickH said...

Can't pick between Groundhog Day and The Man Who Knew Too Little.

john a duffy said...


no wait. its groundhog day.

Anonymous said...

Its gotta be RUSHMORE

Paul Tsikitas said...

There is no better Bill Murray character than Peter Venkmin.

"The flowers are still standing!"

Ghostbusters, mutha fucka.

dal said...

'Quick Change' has a razor sharp Murray and hilarious Randy Quaid.

'Life Aquatic' was good too. Willem DaFoe killed it in the co-star role.

Anonymous said...

What About Bob is one of the top 10 movies of all time. No shit.