Monday, September 18, 2006

Tie off and find a vein...

...this song opium derivative wants in your bloodstream, like now.

What is it about shamelessly synth-heavy, overwhelmingly vapid SoCal cutesy rollerskate pop that makes me us want to burn all our Bardo Pond albums and start wearing hot purple slip-on Vans? I just don't know. What I do know:

- Hellogoodbye hails from Huntington Beach, Ca., a Coca-Cola-subsidized Cali seaside town that's home to the world surfing championships, my friend Shelly and Tito Ortiz.

- One of these dudes used to babysit Shelly...or Shelly used to babysit his neighbor. Or maybe Shelly babysat the band. I forget, to be honest. I just know that there was some sort of situation involving Shelly, Hellogoodbye and babysitting.

- They were featured prominently on the shit-tastic
Real World: Austin season--the one where they "worked" as "documentary filmmakers" at SxSW. I don't really remember much from this, other than they once spent the better part of an entire episode recording the lead singer playing a banjo in some sand dunes. Or maybe that was just a wonderful, wonderful dream I had.

- I visit my little sister's MySpace page multiple times a day to listen to this fucking song. When it ends, I click the refresh button.

- I have a serious, serious problem.


Shelly Ray said...

haha i never babysat anyone in hellogoodbye!!! i sat next to jesse kurvink in math class in high school. and he asked our math teacher, ms. coad, to homecoming with a song on tha keyboard. i went to his house once and borrowed his sister's NKOTB video. his dad and i used to trade phish shows. his pants were way too tight before that was cool. jesse. he thought i did too many drugs and was right.

half of me feels dirty admitting that i used to know hellogoodbye... but yeah they're so catchy it's scary. did you notice how even pearl jam swiped their style for the last album cover?

and yah, coke owns my town. :(

Paul Tsikitas said...

Uhhm. I'd hafta say that song didn't really catch my grip so much. However, if you grab the new Rapture album and listen to track one, I think that I will be in business to tie off and rub on out... I mean find a vein.


Lou said...

Kind of reminds me of that song 'Blue' by Eifel 65. I guess anything with synthy vocals will do that, though.

Drew said...

This is the first (but hopefully not last) time that Eiffel 65 has been referenced in this blog's comments section. Enjoy it, kids.

Trebuchet said...

Oh, God. I once had a boyfriend who drove a purple bronco and used to blast "Blue" by Eiffel 65 with the windows down, so loud that it would shake the windows of my house.

Shortly thereafter, he came out, which explained everything.

Finally, my favie thing about Hellogoodbye is the title of their album: "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!". Priceless.

I wanna be a musician just so I can 1) cover "Everybody Dance Now" with a little bit of a metal flavor and so I can 2) title an album "Moist Panty Cake".

Trebuchet said...

Naked wine pitch lives!