Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's official

Like a referee with a whistle.
Like a licensed .45 pistol.
Like dude.

Coming soon, like in three hours soon: my first day as a full-time staff member of the City Paper. Of course, in classic Drew style, I can't find my effing social security card anywhere. I turned my apartment over three times, and it's nowhere to be found. I feel as though I might have a repressed memory of Nike chewing the shit out of it when G was conquering Europe, but I'm not sure if that actually happened. I'm trying to get moms to fax me a copy. I'm hoping she comes through; then again, she always does. Shoutout to my mom.

Wish me luck. Please?

This gulliness is included in my job description:

(photo credit: Dragonballyee)


Paul Tsikitas said...

Congrats on nailing the job, son.

bunny face said...

i'm so happy for you with the new job! you make me so proud!!! :) can you get me a job? haha