Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hips, Facebook don't lie

I pulled this off "The Pulse," a Facebook feature that tracks "trends" based on what students list as their interests. Apparently, "having a good time" is no longer a priority...eff it, let's play some PONG, bro! No re-racks! Also, golf > hanging out with friends.

Ramen Beer Pong = the most college thing ever. Yo, who's up for Easy Mac body shots?


Anonymous said...

What you're hired for is to help us... does that seem clear to you? TO HELP US, not to... FUCK-US-UP... to help those who are going out there to try to earn a living... You fairy. You company man.

mc said...

yesss, i am the master of top ramen beer bong. drop an egg into it as it cooks, all asian style.

dp said...

Top Ramen Beer Pong is cool and shit but isn't it better just to get to this point?

Drew said...

P: Isn't it wonderful that our ongoing GGR comments have absolutely nothing to do with our respective posts? And oh, FYI: this watch costs more than your car.

C: Ah, egg in the ramen. When I was little, I used to call it "Lola Soup" because Lola used to cook it for us. Precious.

DP: You're right, just cut out all the middle man bullshit. I tried clicking on that "can't handle the truth" cut, and I got some registration message. I took that as a sign that I probably shouldn't be lookin'.

Trebuchet said...

One of my male friends has taken to using the phrase "My hips don't lie" pretty much anytime people ask him if he's serious, if he's joking, if he's hungry, and/or if he's straight.

Pure comedy.

(Pure comedy totally unrelated to your, also funny and much more original, post. For which I apologize.)

dp said...

hey Drew, just in case you weren't completely disgusted the link was fixed for your enjoyment.


Drew said...

DP: Agh! I should've listened to your ass. Consider me nauseated.

Word verification: qhznjntw. Consonants, stand up.