Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hey, you with the artistic ability

Giant pictures of kittens always draw 'em in. (Via--you guessed it--Cute Overload. Act like you've never gone there.)

I originally posted this as a MySpace bulletin, but then I realized it would make more sense to throw it on here. Get in touch.


Anyone out there well-versed in creating blog/website banners? I want on Trapper Juan, but I gots no skills. That template shit is tired.

Hit me up, but only if you've got a bit of free time and you're interested in messing with this idea. (Lo siento for bugging all of you busy-as-hell "employed" people.) As payment, I'll buy you lunch or some drinks or something. What's more, I'll write an ultra-flattering blog post about you, prose rife with pretty-penny half-truths and Bill Braskyian exaggeration. You should know that my blog commands a staggering audience, namely my sister, and maybe Michelle if she's not working.

Please, get your mull on. Thank you much!

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hukjam said...

i'm good at drawing