Monday, July 03, 2006

Jet Li's Fearless

Today's actual update is below, but I wanted to post this separately. Okay, so a fighting tournament really isn't the most original premise for a martial arts flick. But I think this movie will be significant for two reasons: it's supposedly Jet Li's final action role (something about him growing tired of cinematic violence due to his strong Buddhist beliefs), and anyone who's half the kung fu dorkface I am knows that, purist gripes aside, dude excels in historical-type epics (Fong Sai Yuk, Hero, the mostly slept-on Once Upon A Time In China). Official site here.

Unrelated: in case you're wondering where I developed this hyper-specific nerd interest, my mom recently cold-purchased
Kiss of the Dragon from Wal-Mart.


Jon said...

I think it's his last wushu film, not action film. No one wants to see him in a film without action.

Of course, Yuen Wo-Ping now wants to cast Jet Li in a film about the Great Wall of China, so his retirement is about as sure as Hulk Hogan's have been.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know much about Kung Fu movies except that I think they are the shit. I saw this trailer a few weeks ago at the movies and it made me all a twitter.

Anonymous said...

PS- I forgot to say that last comment was from Mo (me)

Drew said...

Jon: Ah, gotcha. I just hope he doesn't go all "I'm Chow Yun Fat and I hate America" on us. That dude obviously despises everything we stand for, and wants to exact a torrid of wrath upon us. Case in point: Bulletproof Monk.

Mo: Ever since I was a kid, kung fu trailers have made me all a-twitter as well. Let me know if you ever want to borrow a flick, I've got a few...I'll post my collection list on here sometime.