Friday, July 14, 2006


When you're friends with Matt Siwek, the Ken Jennings of Full House trivia (seriously, ask the kid anything*), the hits just keep on coming.

Inspired by
this. And, subsequently, this.

(*Feel free to post ANY Full House question in the comments section. I'm almost--nay--absolutely certain that Siwek can answer it.)


kibby said...

haha--oh my god that picture of Uncle Jessie is so awesome

Gwen said...

thats one of my favorite episodes because of that video, especially when the babies' butts are hanging out.

Anonymous said...


I have a question and I'm hoping someone can answer it. I bought the 3rd season of Full House on DVD, and on the back cover there is a picture of D.J. w/ Michelle, and Michelle is wearing a ballerina dress. What is that episode, that that picture is in? I have also seen that picture in my Full House flipover book; D.J. is holding Michelle, Michelle is in her ballet dress, and Steph is on the bed w/ them on. But what episode is that in? I can't seem to find it. I hope this makes sense. Please email me the answer. My email is

Thank you so much!