Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Deep in the cell of my heart

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go lick myself
make a mixtape with 'Asleep' on it twice."

On the record:
Stuff On My Cat is brilliant.

Untitled Courteney Cox Project: "A Southern socialite (Cox) struggles to adjust to her daughter's embracing of hip-hop culture. " It doesn't say who's playing the daughter. (Thandie Newton?) I only hope that she listens to some gangster shit like Scarface or 8-Ball & MJG. That'd be so much more tolerable than watching her doing the Joc-In at a debutante dance or something. Who's willing to bet that Sean Patrick Thomas is somehow involved with this?

Speaking of hip-hop culture (note to self: buy Ecko backpack), does anyone else get the impression that the
Philadelphia Weekly lays on the "for my peoples" shit just a little too thick sometimes? Case in point: "Walk anywhere in this city, and it's clear Philly is on top of its fitted hat game." Tune in next week to read about how to get on top of your hegemony game.

I finally got my copy of
Tom Yum Goong in the mail yesterday, and it was well worth the money (I posted the most ridiculous clip back here). On the Wiki page, read the section entitled "bootleg version." That's the one I got. The English "subtitles" were so freaking brutal, I can't even fathom recreating them here.

All in all, the flick is carried solely by Tony Jaa's superhuman abilities. The plot is ridiculous (duh), and many of the fight scenes are overblown to unbelievable proportions: in one sequence, Jaa fights a gang of extreme...sorry, EXTREME! athletes comprised of rollerbladers, skaterboarders, BMXers, a dirt biker and a guy on an ATV. (There's also a near-Segway chase.)
Surge commercial notwithstanding, he manages to reign shock and awe upon all comers with a fighting style that's far less traditional than his swagger in Ong-bak.

One more tidbit about the movie that I found fascinating: the main baddie character is Madam Rose, a male-to-female transsexual. I did some clicking around, and learned that not only is
Jin Xing a transsexual in real life, she is a world-class dancer and owner of the renowned Shanghai Ballet. Since I've done some work covering the TG community in Philly, I have a decent understanding of what they can sometimes go through; that's why it's surprising, and refreshing, that someone like Xing can work at such a high level in a notoriously stringent country like the People's Republic. Kudos.

Ryan Howard (and awkward period piece headline reference), ladies and gentlemen. (via this Clog post, written by brother-from-another Brian Howard)

Much love to
Dallas Penn for the look in his all-star themed blog rundown. I got Ozzie! (don't worry, I'm not going to call anyone a "fag"). In case you can't read my shitty screencap: "When this blogger isn't taking care of stray rescued animals he's reviewing kung fu flicks." It's true. My brain is too feeble tired to think of a snappy one-sentence bio for the boy DP, so please accept this picture of a Danny Glover-lookin' Andre Dawson as a token of my appreciation.


GonzoMC said...

I can't wait to see what else you put on your cat. Please continue to update. Damn you're prolific these days. Also, I forgot to say, boobs are cool.

Drew said...

That's not actually my cat, but it definitely looks like him.

dp said...

good lookin' on the Hawk photo.

I couldn't find a good Mike Schmidt for you and Bobby Abreu aint really no All Star

Drew said...

DP: Ha, I'm actually a transplanted Orioles fan (which I probably shouldn't be admitting). But, the Phillies are my NL team, even if Abreu ain't shit.