Monday, July 10, 2006

Boobies (for serious)

Tumbling Broads by Alana Bograd

Right now, I'm working on a lil' article about BooBies, a show running from Saturday, July 22 through Saturday, August 26 at the Falling Cow Gallery. It's a multimedia affair, with tons of different local artists "putting forth their own personal interpretation of the most celebrated component of the female form." The image above was one of my favorites, but I've only seen three so far, and the others were great as well. I'm really looking forward to checking the whole exhibit out--let me know if you want to come with. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation, so it's a great cause all around.

And no, I'm not interested in this just because there's going to be a bunch of pictures of boobies. I can get those on the Interweb anytime I want.

I was seriously tired of the old template on here, so I changed the same template. In a different color. Baby. Steps.

Read about the "full-on chick fight" that my good friend Adam was somehow caught in the middle of on July 4. "Thankfully, it didn't excalate into anything bigger, and I didn't drop my ice cream. It was a trip though. Definitely the closest I've ever been to a real girl fight." I'm pretty sure Adam was Wally Cleaver in a previous life. That's a good thing.

This past year, my alma mater went religious-context-crazy with the introduction of "The Affirmation," an undeniably vague mission statement of sorts that "plays a strong role in bringing Lasallian values to the fore in the lives of our community and its members." Despite its non-stop pimping in the school newspaper I worked on, I never really gave it much thought. Recently, however, they've gone all KISS on us, merchandising the living crap out of it. Now, you can reflect on St. John Baptiste de la Salle's dedication to educating and inspiring the marginalized children of 18th-century France while you watch your little brother's Pop Warner football game or tote your dirty-ass clothes back to South Jersey for the weekend.

Kudos to one of my favorite former professors, KYW film critic Bill Wine, for using just two snippets of stereotypical pirate vernacular in his review of the new Pirates flick. Every other review I've read uses at least 12.

A few short CP articles from the last issue: Top 5 Bat-Shit Crazy Bartender Stories and a Why So Many? on My Fair Lady.

It's official: Nickelback is even lamer than you think. Hey, ohnotheydidnt: longtime lurker, first-time linker.

Press release I cooked up for La Salle.

This has been floating around there for awhile now, but Vai Sikahema is Jon Heder's uncle. Wrap your brain around that shit...hurts, don't it?


Paul Tsikitas said...

I think I need the post-it notes Affirmation as usually, when you are done with a post-it, you throw it in the trash can. So basically, I will throwm my obvious human values out after I scrawl useless information or someones phone number on it.

kibby said...

Wow...LaSalle sucks so FUCKIN HARD!!!! I seriously despise that school. Anyway, that boob show sounds awesome, I wanna go. I bet Ryan does too-- haha!!!!!!!

G said...

Your blog used to be safe to look at while im at work. now its just boobs. what has this world come to

Useless Major said...

I want them to make an Affirmation beer cozy. Seriously, I'd buy it.

Drew said...

P: You're right, the affirmation is totally stating the obvious. "I promote the free exchange of scholarly ideas"? How could anyone disagree with that?

K: Give Ryan a break. He was obviously Googling "big boobs" to find the contact info for this exhibit.

G: Whoops, sorry to delve into NSFW territory. You should look into the "boss key." Remember that shit? From Hugo's House of Horrors? Did anyone else play that other than me?

M: You should just cut out one and glue it to an oh-so-classy beer cozy. "I support the prolonged coldness of alcoholic beverages. Together, and by association, we are watching NASCAR drunk."

kibby said...

Ahhh--haha, Hugo's house of horrors is the shit! I love that game and I would totally play it now if I could. But i never ever won... I couldn't get past those fucking bats y'know?

GonzoMC said...

Wow, my link-clicking finger is getting tired. Thanks for the shout out though.