Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change

"What did I tell you about making fun of Roger

Back, back, B about not being around in the past few. I dedicated pretty much all of my time to writing
City Paper's Summer Restaurant Guide. I think it turned out reasonably well. Note to y'all: try Malaysian food. It's seriously delicious. Also, during my research, I found out something amazing about that country (warning: it's YTMND, but just read the tiled image).

Scene and Heard post on Wolfmother
(third one down).

Who's more irritating: a straight-up stupid person, or stupid person who strongly believes that he/she is intelligent? My vote goes for the latter, no question. Case in point: Jenelle on
Real World: Key West (aka Halfrica Bambaattaa) dropped this gem on a recent episode, in reference to Jose, who fills the "only sane person" role well: "He's using his insecurity as an escape goat for my security." ESCAPE GOAT?!?? (Rush tribute band name what?) As soon as my brain started processing that, all the knowledge I attained during my four years of college started rotting like a left-on-the-counter chimichanga.

Interesting find in light of Joe Vento's xeno-whiz-wit: "On May 19, 2006, the United States Senate voted to make English the National Language. According to the bill...the Federal government will no longer provide multilingual communications and services, except for those already guaranteed by law. " Apparently, English has been our national language for less than a month. (thanks Mo)

Maxim Online's
Top 12 Sitcom Neighbors. Good looks on not making the top pick too obvious...I'm just upset about one particularly upsetting omission.

Many thanks to
Trencherwomen for the link. A blog dedicated solely to female competitive eaters? The long-standing "there's magazine for everything" truism now applies wholly to blogs.

I just realized something, and I have no idea why it took so long to dawn on me: if HilRod wins in the 2008 election, Bill Clinton will be
back in the White House, just chillin'. Imagine the possibilities...

This is from a little while ago, but the boy
Dallas Penn wrote a great post on sneaker culture.

Most Orthodox Jewish faceplant ever.

I don't know how many of you are into the World Cup, but even if you're not,
this JogaTV clip is worth watching. I still don't really understand why soccer isn't huge in the US--it's the most marketable sport ever (or maybe Ronaldinho is just the most marketable athlete ever). A professor of mine once pointed out that since America has a perpetual hard-on for rugged individualism, the all-pervading team emphasis of soccer simply doesn't translate to us. According to him, baseball is the best athletic metaphor for our one-of-a-kind national character--it features the most finely tuned balance of individual achievement and team play, moreso than basketball or football. Anyone care to weigh in?

I recently watched/reviewed a Smiths DVD for
DIW, and came across two great tidbits: 1) "Morrissey" comes up correctly spelled when typed in Microsoft Word; 2) This.

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