Thursday, June 29, 2006

Before I say anything... this. it.

I made a few minor changes to the sidebar here. In case it didn't register/you're way cooler than me, all the categories, with the exception of "Stalkerati" (I named it ignorant to the fact that
this creepy shit existed), are Trivial Pursuit categories. Uh, except "Trivial Pursuits." Whatever. Anyway, they all work from a logical standpoint, except "Science & Nature" for the recent post list. That doesn't a lick of sense. New additions: The Oriole Report and The UFC Octagon are two extremely well-written, straightforward sites about, you know. In a time when most blogs (this one included, of course) contain little to no trace of anything useful (see for reference: the pickle girl), it's stuff like this that keeps the "the Internet can be a source for coherent information" torch burning. Cheers.

Kurt Loder gives a
shining review to Click, disses Brick and Down In The Valley. Click has a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Brick: 77%. DITV: 50%. This stinks of dirty Sony money. I kinda wanna corner Loder at gunpoint in the hollowed-out stairwell of an abandoned office building and scream shit like "WHO HIRED YOU?" Before he answered, I'd have some sort of childhood flashback that breaks me down and forces me to lower my weapon. Loder would deftly disarm me and push me down the stairs, where I'd tumble to my death. Then, he'd utter some Seagal esque one-liner like "Rolling Stone. But you already knew that."

I'm writing a preview of the upcoming
Alchemy Conference for City Paper. Imagine my disappointment when I realized they weren't talking about this. In other CP news, Al Paris' Mantra got a so-so review this week. I happened to really like it there, but then again, the reviewer here sampled way more stuff than I did (multiple trips, I think), and liked the dishes that I tried and enjoyed. The Vietnamese coffee creme brulee was the best.

A LiveJournal community for people who hate Rachael Ray. Harsh, in a mom's-really-disappointed-in-you kinda way. Mission statement: "If you loathe Rachael Ray as much as we do, join this community and talk shit about her! If you actually like Rachael Ray and think this community is evil, go cry in your garbage bowl and shut the hell up." Regardless, I was glad to read that other people also suspect she's a closet alcoholic.

YouTube, our favorite website, is responsible for several well-deserved corporate terminations as of late. There's the infamous
Comcast guy sleeping incident, and I also found this crazy AOL clip. To be honest, I kinda-sorta sympathize with Comcast dude. That job sucks, and the only reason he passed out was because his own tech support put him on hold. I've had it out for Comcast ever since I was introduced to the death knell also known as "one-time fees." Bastards...

Cadbury's has to
bury 250 tons of chocolate because it might be contaminated with salmonella. "The company could not reveal where it would be buried, but warned children against embarking on a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory-style hunt for the buried confectionery, saying: 'We would not encourage anybody to try to find the discarded chocolate.'" Only a British kid would get excited by the prospect of a hidden horde of diarrhea-inducing candy.

Probably the
best "Ask Fergie" ever.

Rick Majerus always drives
Lou insane, mainly because he says "OH-fense" and not "offense." Either way, he's not a big gay guy. Watch Steve Lavin's face.

Massive credit goes to Michelle for pointing out that Chuck Klosterman looks pretty much exactly like Wembley from Fraggle Rock. Here's a recent interview translation courtesy of Gawker. He's in Philly today.


kibby said...

Drew, I loved so many things about this post. That Rachel Ray livejournal community is one of the funniest things that I have ever seen! But for real, she is annoying. Go cry into your garbage bowl is genius though. Also, I really like Chuck Klosterman's books, I think that they are funny. But he is one ugly son of a bitch. So so so ugly.

Drew said...

I love how Rachael Ray always makes backhanded comments that allude to her terrible childhood. Like, "We didn't have a lot of money as a kid, so when Halloween came around, we had to make our costumes from stuff we found around the house!" It's true that homemade costumes are vastly superior to storebought, but it's just the way she said it. I bet her mom beat her with a bottle of EVOO.

Also, even though we both hate RR, we should both admit that we use the garbage bowl. I saw it at your house, Kibby. Come on--it's a girl's best friend.

Chuck is great, his books are great. And, he looks like Wembley.

kibby said...

Haha-- its true!! I really do hate her, but kinda love her in the same way. She's an enigma. I watched the pickles video, it made my day (possibly my life). I like the part when the creepy font floats around the screen... "PICKLES"

Michelle said...

RR is just... strange. She scares me.

Drew said...

RR is a truly frightening being. You're not alone, Michelle.

Bob said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words for my site, The Oriole Report. I appreciate it. I'll keep an eye on your site, seems pretty cool.

Drew said...

Of course, Bob. It's lonely in Philly for an O's fan, so TOR at least e-fills that void for me.