Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bad news, rap dudes

"Hey, Leon, it's Madge! Remember this?"

This past weekend, I made the long, boring trek down to Ocean City, MD to visit some of Michelle's fam. 'Twas a great time which resulted in me being away from Philly (and the computer) for less than 48 hours. As soon as I arrived back home, however, I realized that being Internet-less for any amount of time creates the false impression that the world has dramatically changed in one's absence. I'm so accustomed to the constantly updating data orgy that I somehow felt it was my God-given right to have missed something important. That's why I felt cheated that shit like
Philebrity hadn't posted any updates. I think I need to get out more.

Call me
a soulless corporate huckster sappy, but I found this Nike-produced tribute to Earl Woods quite touching (better quality version here). When I saw it on TV, it got me thinking about the insane machinations that kicked into gear the moment Nike realized Tiger's dad was close to passing. Do you think a bunch of editing monkeys hastily threw this together after Phil Knight realized Father's Day was coming up? Or, do you think it was completed far before Earl Woods' deteriorating condition even hit the wires? Did some hapless intern get stuck with the task of Googling for dad-centric background music? If so, why wasn't Shaq's "Biological Didn't Bother" strongly considered? Either way, it probably made for some unavoidably insensitive board meetings and/or office memos.

Lately, I've been thinking about actors who seem like they're British, but actually aren't. This isn't just based on an actor having a UK-type accent, either (a la Zeta-Jones or Brosnan). There's just something about a person's features that screams
"I own Union Jack underwear." Elijah Wood and James Cromwell are two Yanks that come to mind. Who else, who else...let me know if you've run into this yourself.

Conversely, I had
no clue that Christian Bale was British. I heard him accepting an MTV movie award, and thought he was doing an impression (he even said "bloody"). He's played Americans in pretty much every movie of his I've watched, but to be fair, this list only includes Newsies, American Psycho, The Machinist, Batman Begins and...Newsies. Did you play a Brit in Reign of Fire? If you've seen it, holler the world may never know.

I'm pleased to announce that the indomitable Duffy has finally started a blog, First and First. This post is as good a place as any to start. There's this, too. Ha. Speaking of blogdom friends who I actually know in real life, I've noticed that quite a few of y'all, from McGrath to Denise to Emynd, have fallen the eff off something fierce lately. Sure, you've got "jobs" and "bills" and "adult responsibilties" and all, but that shit's overrated, right? Right? Get back to writing about books I'll never read, vagina imagery and media-perpetuated racism, respectively.

O-Dub with an interesting review of Tokyo Drift. Yes, that Tokyo Drift. And yes, there are footnotes. Surprising: "I have to say that TD - unlike, say Lost In Translation - managed to play down Tokyo as some hyper-exotic, inscrutable cultural space....[Director Justin] Lin didn't make Tokyo seem that vastly different than any hyper-urban city that we've seen in other recent movies."

60 percent of people who
read accidentally come upon Trapper Juan via Google Image Search are using Internet Explorer, as opposed to 26 percent using various versions of Firefox. I really don't know much about Firefox's techie X's and O's, but I do know that it's simple, easy and plays right into my tendency to have eight million webpages open at once. Plus, in IE, this page looks really, really messed up. So do it. Also, thanks to StatCounter, I recently learned that a good number of people find this site by searching for naked pictures of Constance Marie.

In other news:

With the introduction of web spreadsheets, Google has officially
taken over my life. (thanks Adam Riff™)

Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz had a clause in his contract stating that he gets to
tap up UFC prez Dana White. (thanks UFC Octagon)

John Cho is the lead singer of a Seven Mary Three-esque band.

Pat's Steaks needs to
step up its website game.

Looks like I inadvertently triggered a
hilarious online etherfest with my national language comment the other day. Whoops. Appreciate the link, though.

Anyone know if
this is the dancing dude from Ong-bak? If not, it should be.


Paul Tsikitas said...

Yo man. Once I have income, let me know when we can get together and get some drinks sometime. I need to see my brothas ASAP.

And I hear ya on the non-updaters. At least they arent like me updating twice a day with never ending countdowns that only I appreciate.

And Mighty Aphrodite is one Allen movie I need to see as it is one of his highest rated.

Keep it real.

Steve said...

Yes, Tokyo Drift! So much Three Fast 3 Furious III !!!

GonzoMC said...

Hey man, just getting caught up with you here. I actually just posted before reading your admonition, but thanks for the concern. I have no real excuse; as you can see, I haven't been doing all that much that would preclude blogging, though that could be exactly why I've been absent. But I'm back now, and hope to check in more. I think it's just a summer lull we're experiencing. But yeah man, glad to hear you're doing good. We definitely need to catch up. I'll be in Philly the last week of July, so you best let me know where you're living these days, so we can chill right. Take care bro. Peace.