Friday, May 26, 2006

When I see a ghost, I cut the motherf*cka

The face Duncan makes when he thinks he's been fouled really, really pisses me off. The whiny eye contortion and incredulous gesticulation remind me of what lame people do when someone cuts them off in traffic. That, or how the young Tim reacted when the bigger Virgin Islanders beat him up and took his soursop.

I saw The Da Vinci Code the other night. I found it generally enjoyable, if you don't count Audrey Tatou's complete inability to thrive in a film that doesn't have a sexy soundtrack/requires a nominal understanding of common English phrase inflection (8.6? Good flick, but...). Really though, DVC wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. And I didn't really have a problem with Tom's hair in it, either.

CP deluge:

Great Escape (I'm organizing a carpool to the Devon Horse Show, inquire inside)
Before Bruno, and How He Became Boss (I now have a "local mob historian" card in my Rolodex)
Sailors' Valentines (yes, sailors made Valentines)
Watering Hole: Sal's on 12th (or, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Spend Upwards of $60 In Less Than Three Hours")

I like this dude's beats.

O-Dub's "Top 10 Stereotypes I Learned From Desperate Housewives." (via Adam Riff™)

Aw shit, the
Teen Blog Watch is on like grilled prawns. If some 15-year-old drama club kids are dumb enough to post MySpace pics of them getting shellacked on wine coolers in the green room, then I fully support their discplinary exclusion from the chorus of Brigadoon. Serves you right, you damn lushes. Really though, if you're underage, just don't post (highly) incriminating photos of yourself online. I'm over 21, so it's okay for me, right? RIGHT?

Dear 12-year-old Hawaiian kid who raps like this: stop trying to add me as your Myspace friend/rapping. I can't even listen to two seconds of your bullshit without punching a hole in my wall. Stick to wearing puka shells or doing the "hang loose" or whatever else you kids do down there.

This movie sounds twisted. The short list of Dylan portrayers: Blanchett, Ledger, M. Williams (no/yes), Bale, Moore (no/yes) and Gere.

Beans gets shot, painfully marginalized by Inky journalists: "His three albums... each hit the top five on the Billboard album chart. Many of his songs depict guns, drugs and violence. He also starred in the film State Property and its sequel." Boy, am I glad I didn't star in State Property and its sequel. Getting shot would suck.


kibby said...

Drew I have several things to say:

I fucking hate the movie "Amelie". Like, seriously despise it. Its annoying as fuck and her character makes me want to scratch my eyes out. The cinemetography is beautiful and its a pretty movie to watch but that dumb bitch ruins it for me! She's bitchy as hell and does mean things to people. Yes, its in retaliation of other mean things that those people did, but whatever, Amelie, not your problem ok? Stop being such a dumb whore. Also, if Amelie was fat and wore glasses instead of being some doe eyed french gamine with a precious haircut, no one and I mean NO ONE would have liked that piece of crap. They would all be like, "damn, amelie is a fuckin bitch." because she is.

Also, the hawaiian kid on myspace is awesome. I really like that his influences as an artist are:

"everything, from good food to good music, from the trees and the earth to the water that creates and sustains life"

Its funny because those are my influences also.

Benny said...

Hey hotness! This Champion of Literacy moved house, so pretty please update your linkage!