Sunday, May 28, 2006

Click clack

I cannot even begin to deal with the tour de force that is Ong-bak god Tony Jaa rapping. When you're Tony Jaa, performing in front of an audience populated entirely by in-uniform schoolgirls is pretty much shooting (Asian) fish in a (Asian) barrel, but I still appreciate his enthusiasm. I wish I knew what he was Thai rappin' bout.

In this one, Tony-Tone gets stabbed in the beginning, which really,
really pisses him off. He expresses his anger by completely manhandling about 50 hapless thugs in a row. Highlights: about 40 seconds in, he picks up some poor SOB and tosses him across the room like a fucking alarm clock. At/around 1:35, he snaps two dude's arms at once, then does some crazy shit that I can't even really explain. You are the champion, my friend.

City Paper's Sam Adams on
The Da Vinci Code ("Ian McKellen gives the movie's only genuine performance as a crippled Grail scholar, and when he's finally driven off raving in the backseat of a car, I found myself wishing I could go with him.")

If I see you in the streets wearing
these beauties, I might just pitifully attempt to jack you for them ask you where you got them, and then tell you to have a great day. (Inspired by Dallas Penn's recent homage to the re-released Air Stab)

Go read some of
my man Pete's eloquent thoughts, then encourage him to update.

UPDATE: Fixed Pete's link.


Jon said...

As much as I love Tony Jaa, I find that "Crazy 88" scene a bit excessive.

Have you seen all of "Tom Yum Goong"?

dp said...

don't jack anybodies shoes, they could have killer athlete's foot

Drew said...


SO excessive. No, I haven't seen it, actually. How many people's arms does he break total? I read the imdb description and thought it was funny that it's basically the same exact plot at Ong-bak.


Sage advice, but easy to get around--I'll just jack the next dude I come across for his BOOM! tough-actin' Tinactin.

Those Nikes I linked are ridiculous, though, no? Definitely making a purchase sometime soon. I actually found the site off your user comments. Cheers.

Jon said...

I counted between 80-90 limbs broken.

dp said...

hey Drew,
yeah those SB Nikes you featured are chuuurch (as per Magic Don Juan).

In the second clip homeboy broke one of the goons hands with his nutsack. (no brokeback to that observation)