Sunday, April 30, 2006

Straight from the oven with it

Sorry, ridiculously busy lately. Trying to graduate. Right now, I'm attempting to write a paper about how the space race between the Soviets and the U.S. reflects constructs within American culture. It was due on Friday, so yeah. I'm coming with a real update very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Laika, the first puppy living being in orbit. Cheers.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Working on my fifth, or maybe my sixth

It's been a minute. My apologies. I'm just hacking away in this last month of collegiate career, trying to graduate and not die. I'm currently sick as shit; when I talk, I sound like Bea Arthur doing spoken word while wearing SCUBA gear.

To compound this bizarre but somewhat entertaining affliction (I now sound 45% more like Lil' Cease!), I stayed up the entire night catching up with articles. What's worse is that this upcoming week looks to be kinda effing ridiculous in terms of mindless work. I keep getting this hankering to get in my car and impulsively drive somewhere for the hell of it; I just don't know where yet. Gerard and I have always talked about trippin' it to Mount Rushmore for no real reason other than neither of us have been to Mount Rushmore before. We'll see.

I got an issue of Radar awhile back and found it to be pretty funny and well-written. It was the "Scary Issue," which chronicled all the frightening personas within pop culture. I kept looking for the follow-up issue in bookstores and stuff, but never saw it, so I figured I was just checking the wrong stands. Turns out it's a big brouhaha that involves investment money from the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Finally, a tangible example of the terrible work I've been doing in my final semester:
the worst website of all time. I seriously underestimated how much time it took to put a freaking page together...I'm just glad it's over with. God I love Iron Chef. I just don't think it's conveyed very well in my page; then again, it was thrown together in a caffeine-addled late-night furor. Taking that into consideration, I think it's a bit dope.

Surf the Web with no connection. Wow, not that interesting.

I've gotten into the habit of looking at
Real World/Road Rules people's MySpaces lately, and I'm really glad I did. Take, for example, Derrick and Brad, both of whom cause me to collapse in hysterics on a regular basis. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that these pages are legit, either...peep the (unedited) excerpt from Brad's: "I am networking to find motorcycle enthusiests and hard working people to help one another in good bussiness. We will be offering all kinds of custom clothing and afterarket parts while supplying a nation wide network for people to post pics of stunts, racing, ect.. Also I will be posting some pretty tight stunt photos of me and my crew!!! Dont like street bikes? Dont waste your time." Can't fake that, y'all.

Anyone see anything at the Philly Film Festival? For me, it's always been one of those things that you say you're going to go to but never actually do. Kinda like Forensic Science class.

praying for the sick study has to be the most inconclusive shit ever. How can you substantiate something like that? There is absolutely no way to credibly collect scientific data supporting or refuting prayer; why even bother? Shit is stupid and a complete waste of time (and $2.4 million).

This is the shit. As always, thanks Adam Riff™.

I must be very behind on the blogosphere times, because I just recently began to understand the greatness of
Deadspin. Not too glitzy, not too bland, and many times actually informative. They've been keeping with the Duke scandal news too, which is always readable. Also, kudos for providing a geographic location for a motherfucker that still needs to die, even after all these years. Paging Dr. Tarasco...

Get Your War On Archive (thanks G)

Despite the fact that I'm not even sure he actually exists in real life (even though I met him once), Sam Adams from
CP kills it on a regular basis. I really liked this piece on Brothers of the Head. Don't think I'll ever watch it, but enjoyed reading nonetheless.

Who's down? I would go, but I don't have a pillow.

At around 5:30 this morning, my cat puked a huge load of disgusting, uh, cat puke on the carpet of my room. I was forced to take a break from simultaneously writing articles about high school baseball and a drag king competition to clean it up, and I nearly puked myself doing it. Thanks, Riley.