Friday, March 10, 2006

Get it right, get it tight

Ah, crap. Sorry about the hiatus, it's just been tough for me to write here this past week. I really had some quasi-interesting things to bring up, but my brain has lost 'em since then. Here are now-irrelevant links.

School newspaper is
finally online. Stupid article about Facebook. Even stupider picture of me on the main page.

Nguyen is retiring? Say it ain't so, Dat.

Apartment hunting sucks. I've trekked all around the city in the past week looking at different places, most of which were already claimed between the time I scheduled the showing and the time I got there. Hopefully I will be able to find something decent very soon. In the meantime, I finally applied/was approved for a real-life credit card so I can start racking up debt rocking the history. I've just been using my Wachoff check card up until this point. My first purchase was a "Buy It Now!" Guns n' Roses shirt off eBay. It's for emergencies.

I really enjoyed
Bol's post on KRS-One and this dude who wrote some on-point shit about him. It was also refreshing to see that the always laughable Busy Bee was involved with the whole thing. One time, I read an interview with him where he insisted that since he "started" everthing, dudes like Jay-Z should give him money. That's bullshit. You never saw George Mikan (RIP) hassling Shaq for pocket change. Just found this out: Mikan's parents were Croatian. Even though he was born here, that means the NBA's first superstar was also the NBA's first (kinda) Euro.

I watched
16 Blocks the other night. That shit sucked.

Silk City is closing sometime around April 2. I'm not really upset about it.

Yanni arrested for assaulting his girlfriend (thanks Heath). Most Onion-esque real news story ever.

I recently discovered
a blog that's offering alternative takes on the bizarre saga of the Chestnut Hill Local, that paper I've written for a bit. Don't know who John Lombardi is, but I'm liking what he's doing. It's too long and involved of a story to tell here, but to those who haven't heard about it, here's a synopsis: the paper is owned/published by the CH community association, a body that seems to have some issues with what the paper prints. Last year, the EIC and associate editor resigned in protest (although there is massive speculation regarding whether or not they were "forced" out). It gets way more back-door-dealin' crazy, but that's the gist. Since then, the paper has been a shell of its former self, and I've written a few high school basketball articles. I'm probably not helping that much.

Philadelphia Jacks is NOT a this kind of jacks club. Check the obviously-made-up quote from Justice Scalia.

Crazy article highlighting experiments to measure altruism in babies. I don't know where they scrounged up these tots, because every baby I've ever met hasn't been helpful at all. They can't even talk right, it's annoying.

Trapper the
Kalamazoo Gazette?

Big brawl at La Salle makes
USA Today. What, no infographic? A pox on y'all. My team somehow blew it against Fordham yesterday, too.

Thanks to Siwek, I now have unfettered access to a video of "Babysittin' Blues" from
Adventures In Babysitting, aka that 80's Elisabeth Shue flick where Vincent D'ONofrio plays a mechanic who is actually Thor.

The fellas at
Adam Riff™ compile some painfully provinicial opinions of Dave Chapelle's Block Party. You gotta love Ebert's honesty ("There is an audience for rap and, let's face it, I am not a member of that audience") as well as the fact that in the full review, he calls hip-hop nihilistic and points out that Kanye "wears his superstardom lightly." Love it. Of course, this post is from a minute ago, and Riffers have since moved on to more pressing issues.

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