Thursday, March 16, 2006

Decent days and nights

Adam celebrates after another successful Xbox
Live Halo session. BFF JJ provided adequate but
underwhelming defensive cover

I've been writing lil' Okayplayer album reviews for awhile now, and I've listened to my fair share of shitty albums. But this has to be the absolute worst, hands down. When I do this shit I usually sit with the big headphones, give each track a fair chance, jot down some incoherent thoughts, write some shit up and call it a day. But this album, man...not cool, Martian Colony. Not cool. This Blogcritics review I found solidified my disdain twice over. Look at that fucking picture. Good god. Read down below, too: the writer is apparently the music editor of BC, but in her free time she likes to create romantic vampire fiction. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Oh yeah, here's a Pedro review.

Isaac Hayes quits South Park, citing the show's "intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs." Have you had the chance to catch an episode in the past 10 years or so, Ike? While their "if we make fun of everybody, it's cool" approach is a bit flimsy, at least they stick to it. There's no doubt that his decision has everything to do with dudes shitting on Scientology. Anyone could tell you that Parker and Stone are notably conservative, and I strongly disagree with many of their moral stances, no matter how silly they get when presenting them (the Harbucks vs. Tweek's dad's coffee shop episode comes to mind here). But their goal has always been to create a biting, satirical, shit-on-the-world product that rarely (if ever) meanders from their personal politics. I can appreciate their tenacity, especially since liberal Hollywood wins the Oscar for "easiest target in the world that's never shot at." Screw that can't-end-with-a-preposition rule.

Apparently this is a comic book, but it's now being turned into a TV pilot starring my fave Paul Giamatti. Supporting cast seems excellent as well. Doesn't this just seem like most ridiculous premise ever? Looking forward to it.

My team is doing very well in the off-season thus far: re-signing Jamal and Bart Scott and inking up Mike Anderson. I'm not exactly sure what the running back sitch is going to be like for the upcoming season, but it should be interesting. A lot of people blamed J's shitty '05 season on the incarceration and injury, but every time I watched him run I got the impression he was acting out, just doing the bare minimum because he was unhappy with his contract. Now that his starting job is up in the air, maybe he'll (at least try to) have another marquee year. If not, send in Mikey. Now, if we could just cop a quarterback that's not Kyle Boller.

My dude Gerard, who goes to St. Joe's, had a crazy anecdote for me just the other day. He was on his way to school when he learned that all classes had been cancelled. Security intentionally triggered a fire alarm, evacuating one of the buildings on campus. Why? They suspected that a bike stuck in a rack outside the door was an explosive device. What gave them this impression? A subtle sticker that read "this bike is a pipe bomb." I don't want to slip into a hackneyed competence rant (would a terrorist really label his bomb that clearly?), so I'll move on to the good bit: This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb is a "folk-punk" band from Pensacola. The same exact sticker caused an identical incident at Ohio University. Unbelievable. That's some savvy PR on that band's part; they're getting their name out there by playing into everyone's terrorism-induced neuroses. Good job. I think.

Kanye (who wears his superstardom lightly) compares Arctic Monkeys to Genesis (?!). (thanks Adam Riff™)

My dudes at The Foundation hopefully managed to build interest at the Core DJs Retreat in H-Town. Check them on MySpace or at their official site here; updates (including one or two shit pieces my me) should be online very soon. In case you don't know--it's the first full-length magazine dealing exclusively with mixtapes.

This Blinding Absence of Light is the most depressing, disturbing book I've ever read. Foreal. It makes Night look like a fucking Goosebumps book. I was tempted to include that in the review, but then I remembered this thing called taste.

The new Chris Guest movie seems excellent, if you disregard the fact that Claire Forlani's in it.

FCC levies a record fine against CBS for depicting a "sex orgy" on Without A Trace. It's far too tiring/tired to even begin complaining about the commission's puritanical grandstanding; what struck me the most was that the episode in question aired in December 2004. I don't know if the delay was a merely a result of bureaucratic inefficiency, or if it genuinely took that long to calculate how much money they wanted. Either way, it's on some bullshit; it reminds me of when you get in arguments with your friends and they bring up some misgiving or poor decision you made in middle school. It's simply not relevant anymore. The worst of it is that all 111 CBS affiliates are also being held fiscally responsible. The fuck? They're being punished for following orders from the All-Seeing Eye--do they even have a choice in the matter? This shit stinks real bad.


Paul Tsikitas said...

Yo. The new Chris Guest will be great because Ricky Gervais (The British Office) is in it. Garunteed brilliance.

kibby said...

"How about that? I wonder where I can find more of these groups, because that sounds super dope (awesome in hip-hop speak!). Somewhere, ?uestlove is shedding a single tear."

haha, that was hilarious!

dp said...

what's good player? I will be in your part of town this weekend. can you hit me up with a couple of hot jawns that pop in your town?

Benny said...

I'm all about people practicing whatever beliefs they want, but each time a big celebrity goes insane on Scientology, they lose all their credibility. That includes acting credibility, unless they're pretending to believe in aliens.

There. My two cents.


Drew said...

DP: Let's see, hot jawns, hot jawns...check Delaware Avenue and Old City...they tend to congregate there. I think.

B: I'm touched. I'm never washing this comments section again.

Benny said...

You're starting to stink. You might wanna reconsider washing, Drew.

I'm glad you don't like Claire Forlani. She gives me nightmares. She's probably a Scientologist...