Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tempus fuckit


My extreme lack of time
management has caused some of these links to go staler than my sense of humor. Regardless, here goes...

Right now, I'm slummin' to finish this piece on The Magic Numbers for Rockpile. Good band. So very nice, too.

Mr. Skurge and Naledge pieces up at OKP. I like the dude Naledge and his producer Double O (who looks a whole lot like Sally Can't Dance from Con Air).

City Paper stuff on Philly's Transhealth Conference.

Morrison...Redick...exiled Lasallian

Woke up the other morning to this
goat milk ice cream site open on my computer. I got nothing, folks.

Who would win in a fight--
prehistoric mini-beaver or giant bunny?

Miggi arrives at camp, apologizes to his teammates. Good job, I think. On a slightly related note, Melvin Mora lives in my hometown in Maryland. My good friend/Orioles enthusiast Justin ran into him at the supermarket deli counter one day last year, so he naturally attempted to engage dude in conversation. Justin got off to a good start with the "how's the team looking/I like your batting stance/American cheese, huh? Good choice--wait, I didn't mean it like that"-type banter. Then he said that Mora just started talking his ear off about a whole bunch of shit that was only borderline coherent. Justin was then forced to pull out the big 'uns: the classic "nod politely and awkwardly back away" Family Guy shit that's usually reserved for dudes who clean your windows with toilet paper at the gas pump. I like that; it's a testament to Mel's reputation as a genuinely nice dude.

I caught some of this flick at Kib's the other night. Soooo fucked up.

Write an e-mail to your future self. I set one to reach me a year from now. I chastize myself for still being unemployed.

It's always a little metaweird when Google News links to
web stories about itself. I think they do it on purpose to make it look like they're super objective.

Best band ever:
Why? with super weird/dope "Rubber Traits" vid.

LEFThandSIDE. Hot. I gotta go wash all the pencil smudges off my southpaw now.

If you need to create more time pressure for yourself, you can now
download YouTube and Google videos to your hard drive (via Catchdubs). Thank God. I was getting fucking tired of opening up Firefox every time I wanted to watch this. YouTube is the best website on the Internet, no question.

Bananaguard (thanks McGrath).

Page 2's been really solid in the past few weeks. Read a great Skip Bayless piece on
Larry Brown as well as a Scoop piece on Etan Thomas that is slightly over the top. I know what you're thinking--Scoop Jackson over the top? It can't be. Anyway, his thesis is that Thomas is an intelligent, incisive thinker with lots of opinions on touchy subjects; but, since the former Orangeman is far from a star (or even a role player), no one really cares. Point tooken, Scoopy. But your "lookie, I like hip-hop" hyperbole isn't always necessary: [He's] an NBA ball player who is more Saul Williams and Malik Yusef than Sam Cassell and Ron Artest. A man who, if he averaged 30 points per game, might be dead. Don't know about all that. Also noted: this is probably the very, very first time anyone has managed to work italicized block quotes from Paris and Immortal Technique into a piece on ESPN.com. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Becks can't do first-grade math, but I bet he knows enough to tally how many times my girlfriend swoons after seeing a two-second shot of his perfectly symmetrical face in a razor commercial. That fucker!

This is choice, despite it being on College Humor.

Mos Def acting kinda gully about paying child support. Him and deadbeat close like Bethlehem and Nazareth.


kibby said...

I really like this quote from the Beckham article...
``I think it was math, actually. It's done totally differently to what I was teached when I was at school, and you know, I was like, `Oh my God, I can't do this.'


Benny said...

I think the "teached" part sounds more convincing when spoken in true chav-ish.

Drew, you're not only a Pisces, you're a rat Pisces! Doesn't that make a funny image in your mind?


dallas said...

MOS DEF Umi say not to pay them bitches.