Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Link Bonanza '06

Your boy's still not interesting. More links!

Bizarre shit: Spiro Agnew (B'more! like Carmelo!) portrait done with feathers. (Catchdubs)

Joe and Koehler introduced me to this shit down in the office the other night, but it's surely made the 'Net rounds by now. Fucking ridiculous. Cymbal...cymbal cymbal cymbal right there. This dude seems to have put out a KFed diss, which is something like putting out a track criticizing genocide or something.

PW had What's Up With Saigon last issue. Weird picture of him...he looks like somebody there, but I can't quite figure out who.

Kid in Pittsburgh gets ridiculed for wearing a Broncos jersey to class. I initally felt bad for him, but then I saw the picture. I wonder if Elway's mad. Probably not.

You can use Play-Doh to trick fingerprint scanners. And I've just been eating the shit this entire time.

Consistent brilliance from The Onion.

Jersey and Delaware, two of the most the two most irrelevant states in the Union (feel the warm love, Rhode Island!) are having a good old-fashioned border dispute. That shit is so original 13 colonies.

McDonald's with some weird shit. "By giving our employees the freedom to manage their shift commitments, we will increase their motivation and enjoyment of work," says VP. Still McD's, buddy. British McD's at that.

Insert marginally sad news story with laughable/pitiable opening sentence here.

Denise is back with The Tightened Corset. She hates men.

Look for me in DIW sometime soon. Hey, Lindsey Lohan's a fan. Doesn't chick with her (is that her sister?) look like she's in the early stages of mummification?

Bill Brasky on Wikipedia. The OG precursor to all the Norris facts (actually, a few facts I've seen blatantly rip off Brasky quotes). Personal favorites: "He did all the make-up on the Planet Of The Apes movies."..."I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansbury!"...and "He hated Mexicans! ...And he was half Mexican!...And he hated irony!" Doesn't surprise me that Ferrell and Adam McKay wrote this hotness.

Adam Riff with constant updates on all the low-culture shit I love. Dudes are great.

Check my CP editor on Philebrity. What a perv. Also, thanks to her for the Awesometown link, which is cool. You know you do it too, don't lie.

I rescind my previous comment about Liz being the only contact I have in the Pacific Northwest. I forgot that Ed Mahon, my mahon from the Collegian (hey ladies, he looks like Eli Manning, but always comes through in the clutch) is currently doing a crazy internship thing in the Tacoma area. Ed runs a newspaper written almost entirely by the homeless. This means that even if he murders 50-60 people in his lifetime, he is still going to heaven. Congrats buddy.

Lou found this Abe Vigoda Firefox notifier the other day. Amazing.

When I read this, I collapsed facedown onto the floor laid there stone silent for 10 minutes. Seriously.

Thanks to Emynd for GQ's 10 Most Hated Athletes link. The AJ Pierzynski entry is particularly ridiculous. Check the blurb: "The most telling of the many, many (seriously, you wouldn’t believe how willing people were to talk about this guy) Pierzynski anecdotes we heard took place during spring training in 2004. Pierzynski, crouched behind the plate, took a pitch to the groin. Rushing to his aid, trainer Stan Conte asked him how he felt. “Like this!” Pierzynski grunted, then savagely kneed Conte in the balls."

The Worm signed up to play with Brighton Bears of the British Basketball League. There' s a British Basketball League?

I usually avoid linking to College Humor like the plague people who like Evanescence, but this was too good to pass up: Bears QB Kyle Orton bent as fuck at the club, clutching what looks to be a bottle of shiraz. Reminds me of this multiculti white-but-not-American debacle.

I promise I'll stop sucking very soon. Hopefully.


Steve said...

Two of the better Braskys:

"Brasky ranked 18th in the Ap College Football Pool."


"Brasky's family crest is a picture of a baracudda eating Neil Armstrong."

Amanda said...

Drew, I can't hear the K.Fed diss. It isn't buffering properly or something. But somehow, I think I'm better off.

Trebuchet said...

IT FUCKING WON'T STOP RAINING. And it's making me crazy.

Also, what's wrong with sucking? It's still somewhat entertaining. Which is really all we can hope for, what with this being free, and all...

Benny said...

Drew- you get your own post for the Rick Moranis link. I can't decide if I hate you or like you even more.


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