Thursday, February 16, 2006

Give a pound to my lawyer

I've been running on fumes of fumes this week. Bear with me.

As for the picture...a little late, I know. But shit was just too choice not to share. Can't remember where I got this (off someone's MySpace, I think). To whoever you are, thanks. I just found it appropriate after watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Whitney and Bobby. Am I the only one who finds Whit's descent into drug-addled Israel-repping psychosis is really, really fucking sad? I (unironically) enjoyed listening to "I Will Always Love You" in the car the other day (I've officially reached the summit of a certain mountain, no?) and it got me thinking how far she's plummeted. What the fuck happened, girl? Saying it's solely Bobby's fault is a copout. Had to be more than just that.

Also slightly VDay (but mostly Bronson Pinchot/bipolar/bipolar Bronson Pinchot): this genius. Thanks, Kibby.

One more VDay-centric link courtesy of CP mensch Brian Howard.

Arts piece on Slaves of Christo. Cop the book here (cutest art collective name ever).

Sports talking heads have really been hitting the "don't sleep on" device super hard lately. I don't know where it's coming from. It's used at least once or twice in every SportsCenter (don't sleep on the Grizzlies, don't sleep on Ohio State, don't sleep on the US men's curling team, etc etc) among other programs. Don't sleep on the possibility that it's growing increasingly weird to hear Linda Cohn say this shit over and over again.

You can't help but admire the optimistic pluckiness of psychotic hippies.

After seeing Barry Melrose rocking a double-breasted, jet black, pinstripes-as-thick-as-jumpropes suit on SC last night, I've drawn the conclusion that hockey folks are the strangest-dressed within the realm of mainstream sports. Most all basketball heads wear tailored suits very well, baseball managers are forced to rock the uni and football coaches mostly floss like my/your dad. Maybe it's just the prevalence of wet look hair products or something, but I feel like hockey boasts more poorly devised formalwear per capita than any of the other majors. Or, maybe it's just Barry. Dude exists in his own exclusive sartorial caste.

Thanks to Joe for this animated GIF. I dare you to not smile/call one of your siblings to reminisce after looking.

Cam's latest scheme is amazing. I can't even think of anything to say about it. Nastack and Emynd with more cogent thoughts.

Have you thanked The Onion lately?

More (poorly) self-penned Penn Charter vs. Chestnut Hill Academy mundanity. Only notable for one reason: I have the feeling that the kid Sam Zeglinski is the next Redick. He's only a junior and has already committed to UVA (so maybe he's the next Staples?); he can literally shoot from anywhere on the court. It's unbelievable. One of the best high school players I've seen in a long time.

I found this bookmarked on my computer (I think by Michelle). She titled it "scary!" Can't argue with that.

Shot the shit with Be Your Own Pet over pizza the other day for some Rockpile ish. Very nice kids. I was giving one of their demos a listen the other day and roomie Taylor demanded to know why "Sleater-Kinney was coming out of my room." Don't worry man, you haven't lost me.

In honor of this earth-shatterer, Free Darko looks to the future. Beautifully done.

He'd get my vote.


kibby said...

Drew, I'm glad that you enjoyed that bizarre video I sent you. Also, I now have a working phone. Just wanted to tell you that. And finally, was that a slight on Sleater-Kinney that I just read? Because seriously dude, if so, I need to re-evaluate our relationship. Sleater-Kinney rules. Write me back, Fucker! ha

dallas p. said...

great post today. I found hell'a links funny and enjoyable. Good lookin' Brooklyn.

GonzoMC said...

Kudos on the post man. That video really did creep me out in a magnificient sort of way. I'm more proud/sad though that the gif delighted me more for it's portrayal of my boy Patrick Stewart than of the Truffle Shuffle. Even sadder is that I know exactly which episode of TNG that is from and the context. It's a powerful scene. Alright, I'm done nerding up the place. I have no opinion on Sleater-Kinney.

Drew said...


Best reference ever.




I thought it was from a Star Trek movie? I could be wrong, though. I'll ask Joe Pelone, he's the one that knows.

Benny said...




Drew said...

You're throwing up into a bowl on the couch right now. Won't lie - it's kinda gross. Also, people in your room are listening to 80s pop at outrageous levels.