Monday, January 09, 2006

Old Minnesota wisdom

What's better: Richard's glorious Canadian tuxedo, or the
star of Disney's Racing Stripes? I choose...I choose...both!

This guy is the
worst eBay seller ever. I quasi-admire his intuitiveness, though- dude somehow found a way to get himself a bunch of positive feedback at first, then robbed a bunch of people of their Christmas money, Grinch style. An undeniably scummy thing to do. Ineffective blog about the whole thing.

The cats at my house (well, Riley and Cleo, not
Steve) have worms. It's really, really gross. Their feline ass affliction did, however, allow me the opportunity to cover a pill in butter and shove it down my gato's craw, Manchild style. He knows who's boss now.

Few OKP reviews:
Sonny Boy and Psyche Origami.

Top 5 most humiliating restaurants to celebrate your birthday. I'm probably never going to be allowed into any of these restaurants again. Not that I'd go to any of them with the exception of Chuck E. Cheese.

What I didn't mention in this otherwise dull
high school basketball article- the "scrapping and shoving" that resulted in techs for two players really just involved one kid violently shoving the other in the balls (Manchild style?). Shit was gully; wish I could've written it like it happened.

Speaking of Chuck...article about the
Norris Renaissance. I'd like to state for the record that I loved Cordell Walker way before hitting women could be appreciated ironically.

Crazy talented dude makes amazing
sidewalk chalk art. Stuff is incredible. He's good at depth.

DJ Premier interview at AllHipHop. I also came across this, which should be used as a case study for a "How to Identify a Shamelessly Obvious Press Release" class.

Just in case you need an
Errol Flynn impersonator for a swashbuckler theme party or something. I'm here to help. Enjoy perusing the master list, which features lookalikes ranging from amazing to completely uneeded.

I interviewed
Yoni Wolf the other day for a Rockpile piece. Very nice guy. I also found this film site featuring some shorts with him and other Anticon artists. I really appreciate this intramural marching band one.

Go check
Emynd and Bo Bliz and their new tape, Electro Cute.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is good as shit. Granted, I had quite a few beers in me when I was watching, but still- really, really, really good. See that. I didn't know the girl from White Chicks had it in her (acting chops, not six demons).

Michelle recently made Juelz's "Oh Yes" her ringtone, and the other morning, Santana's childishly endearing adlibs woke me from my drunken slumber. I find the song incredibly catchy and effective, just not at 10 am when I've imbibed my weight in lager.

Hapa Project added me as its friend on MySpace the other day. Interesting idea. Also, using VH as the page music is a stellar choice.


kibby said...

I also recently had a negative ebay experience. Here is my tale of woe. I bought a pair of nike jordan iii, size 9 (they're really ugly but i'm a good girlfriend) for ryan for x-mas. After several weeks of not getting them, i contacted my canadian seller, suspisiously named "zong cheng". He replied (after i sent him three messages), that my shoes were en route, but were late because they originally had sent them to the wrong address. He politley offered to refund me $30 for my troubles and asked that "i correspond with him to let him know my idea". Well. After a couple days, I went to the post office to pick them up. After some searching in the back room the dude returns with a really, really fucked up nike shoebox that had been poorly taped up with masking tape. Oh, and it has a label taped on it indicating that it had been sent from China (hence the name Zong Cheng, i assume). The dude sent me the shoes in the box alone! WTF?! Anyway, I give them to ryan, and of course he's like WTF? So he smartly takes photos of the fucked up shoe box before opening it. When we get the shoes out, they are hideous as expected but also CLEARLY fake. And the icing on the cake is that on the inside of the tongue where it says the size, it said 9.5 and Zong, that bastard, had written a zero over the .5 in a ballpoint pen. What a dumb asshole. I wrote him a nasty email and Zong has yet to reply. I will keep you updated of all the sordid details...

Drew said...

Let's go to China/Canada and pummel Zong's legs. Also, I think those Jordans are really sweet. You don't like them?

kibby said...

Well, I like the Jordan IV's that Ryan has a lot better. I think that I felt that these were ugly because they were white.... or maybe just because they were ugly.

Trebuchet said...

Hi friend. Tag... you're it. See my most recent post, and do it. Or not. But really you should.

"Just do it. Why don't you do it?"