Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I thought it was a nice round number

Finally reached the fiftieth post. Thank you to Michelle and my sister everyone that reads this nonsense. In honor of this generally unimpressive milestone, a few 50-centric links:

- This is old, but I just recently saw it: filthy rich dude throws a bat mitzvah for his daughter, 50 Cent (and Aerosmith, with Steven Tyler wearing his own band's shirt) performs. His company makes Fiddy's bulletproof vests. To commemorate young Elizabeth's entrance into Jewish adulthood, 50 wrote a personalized Yiddish diss track for Melinda Greenberg, Elizabeth's sworn enemy at Hebrew School. She spit hard from the pulpit (of the Rainbow Room) and came at her with shit like "er zol hobn paroys makes bashotn mit oybes krets" (she should have Pharaoh’s plagues sprinkled with Job’s scabies). Damn, Liz. The writer dug up some interesting dirt on dude, too.

- MJ wants to take his tots to the London premiere of Get Rich Or Die Tryin', but is worried for his kid's safety. Mike, I'm sure everyone in attendance will share your sentiments.

- 50's got a cousin named Two Five (also goes by Quarter). Who knew?

- Kung Fu Cinema with their top 50 list. Need to see a lot of these.

Josh recently launched Antishave 2006, a blog chronicling his decision to not shave for the duration of the year. You're an ambitious man. I hope to see the beard in full glory sometime soon.

Gerard originally put me on to this, the bizarre Toynbee phenomenon. Anyone seen these around the city? I've caught one or two. It's seriously baffling. I'm trying to write a piece on this shit for CP.

Interesting piece on how MLK would react to the war in Iraq. I thought it was pretty good, but I was really struck by the fact that Juan Cole slightly resembles Peter Weller/Robocop if he had hair. Link from OKP, who shouted me out on their news section yesterday. Many thanks.

So, my dude Erich apparently totalled his car the other day. Very sorry to hear that. Help him out by purchasing some of his excellent stencil canvases. Got talent, no? The Bruce Lee canvas is coming soon, as per my suggestion. I'm jumping on that shit right after I board the Broncos bandwagon.

Kobe and Shaq are friends again. Heartwarming shit. Of course, in true Zen fashion, Phil called it (real quick, take a look at those two pictures. Kobe's got the my-dad-is-the-coach cheese grin going, while Diesel's rocking the I-collabed-with-Fu-Schnickens head tilt). You know those two crazy kids couldn't stay mad at each other forever...I hope they move in together soon. Shaq said that he made the decision to end it after speaking with Bill Russell, who told him that he never hated anyone he played with or against. Of course he didn't- it's effing Bill Russell. The dude is probably close to canonization.

Anyway, I really enjoy Kobe's attempts at humble diplomacy, because they will always reek of megalomania, regardless of what he says: "We've been through so many wars together. Now, just be able to move on, try to do the best for this team, wish him the best in South Beach. I think it's good for the city of Los Angeles, good for the NBA, good for the youth, being Martin Luther King Day.'' Good for the league? I'd say so. But good for LA, and the always-vague "youth" demographic? I think dude is slightly overcalculating the dimensions of his sphere of influence. I don't really see how kids are benefitting from you ending a juvenile feud that went on for way too long. If this shit is good for anyone, it's me, the Sportscenter viewer who is tired of sitting through glitzy Kobe-hates-Shaq infographics before the highlights come on. If MLK happened to be resurrected today, the first thing he would do (after strangling the Ying Yang Twins for tarnishing his life's work) would probably be to tell the pride of Lower Merion to reign it in a little. Concentrate on making unbelievable plays and hitting effortless jumpers from every conceivable spot on the court, please.

Trapper Juan on the Sonny Boy site.

Went to my friend Ryan's surprise birthday party the other night. Good times. At it, Emynd admitted that he's lacked the inspiration to write lately. Go here or here to try and convince him otherwise.

Lou hates the PSP ad spots, and so do I. They're trying too hard. Many Philly residents feel the same way. I've only played one a few times, and I guess they're pretty alright. But what is the appeal of watching PSP movies? The screen is tiny as crap. Then again, it's bigger than my TV and computer display combined. My dude Jesse recently invested in a 32-inch monitor, and it's the biggest thing I've ever seen by far. It's the size of West Oak Lane. With his newfound resolution powers, I feel like Jesse is going to start World War III from his desk sometime soon.

Bol with a review of the only book I've read cover to cover in the last three years.

I've got issues with using "blog" as a verb. It just comes off real disengenuous.


Benny said...

Happy 50th, hon! You don't look a day over 49...

-b ;-)

anti-shave said...

Thanks for the link! Happy 50th!

Amanda said...

Congrats on your 50th post, Drew! I always enjoy reading Trapper Juan. By the way, I just found out that K-Fed is sampling a Journey song for his upcoming "masterpiece." Whaaa? Fire!