Sunday, January 01, 2006

Grazing in the grass

Toothpaste for Dinner

I don't know what it is about "My Humps," but people seem to be obsessed with making their own
webcam dance renditions and posting them on the Internet for people like me to watch and ridicule (thanks Amy). I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the fact that most of these kids look like they're 11, or this dude.

Hipster Bingo. It's on point for the most part (but since when have hoodies and Parliament Lights been patently scene?). They definitely forgot Sparks. And the singular black dude.

When I was Christmas shopping the other week, I walked by Abercrombie and Fitch and noticed a shirtless jockish white guy in the front of the store. He was just standing there, Jordan Catalano-esque (it was his leaning, nothing to do with flannel/Frozen Embryos), with his arms crossed and a vapid smirk on his face, and a group of grossly underweight blonde girls were forming some sort of Aryan tableau around him. I found this odd because they usually only exploit the
non-white delegation. Later, as I enjoyed an overpriced Mexican pizza in the food court, I overheard three young girls gushing to their grandmother. They were all holding crappy Polaroids of themselves with the barechested wonder. Some more coy eavesdropping helped me find out that shoppers received a complimentary picture with dude if they made a purchase. I always knew that A&F was pretty shameless when it came to their smutty neo-Nazi catalogs, but I never thought they would go so grassroots on us. I hope that guy has an education to fall back on on which to fall back.

Dallas Penn- thanks for the link.

La Salle
lost a tough one the other day to Hofstra. Hofstra?! Fuck. They were holding a pretty good lead coming into the final minutes, but then they got super-sloppy and turned the ball over on three consecutive trips up the court. Still, 8-2 is their best record in years. Looking forward to Wednesday's game against Duquesne, which I always want to pronounce Doo-QUEZ-nee in the worst way.

Who the hell gets shot while driving? Shit sucks.

Hey, my fellow cooking dorks: peep some
kitchen myths. Who knew that you didn't have to scald the milk when baking bread? My life is so much easier now. No more milk-scalding for me. Also for the foodie set: good Philadelphia Restaurants blog.

CP article about a Goth mom who started her own Goth baby party at Ulana's. Such a nice lady. Not by me: piece on photographer Zoe Strauss.

I have quite a bit of work to do right now, but I'm getting sucked into watching marathons of Monk and Degrassi: The Next Generation. Man...I'm sick. I've also been watching a whole lot of Project Runway since it started. I like the show and all, but the smarmy bespectacled guy who goes around and criticizes everyone's designs really pisses me off. It's not that he deliberately tries to start shit, because that's his job; it's all his stupid faux-witty pop culture reference-laden "you're going for A, but it looks like B" comments. He's always whining on some "You want Audrey Hepburn, this looks like Marge Schott" bullshit. It's not that clever, buster.

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THANK YOU for the shout out. How narcissistic am I that I clicked the link for Dallas Penn and I got your Philly restaurant blog. There is a town in Pennsylvania named Dallas too. Anyhoo, if you feel like a nerd and you want to mix STAR WARS with politics, try this post on for size.