Thursday, December 22, 2005

Salad shooter!

I'm planning on coming with a real update later today, but figured I would share a few pictures of my new turtles. Michelle got 'em for me as an early Christmas present. Thanks! Dudes are the shit. I wasted some money on aquatic turtle food, which sucks since I later realized they really, really like chicken. I also paid six bucks for a piece of fucking driftwood for their tank. Six bucks...for driftwood? This shit just floats around by nature, and you can get it for free (if the hobos who hang under the pier don't get to it first). I'm an idiot.

This is Benny. Resembles Aidan Quinn, no?
Nicest turtle
ever. If he could talk, he would
have a Cockney accent. I'm
sure of it.

Joon. Fatter, not as nice. I threatened to flush her down
the toilet, and Michelle got rather heated.
Our relationship
will never be the
same. For an accent, I'm going to go with
Eritrean. Stupid North African sovereign states, with their
war elephants and spicy foods...I'm considering changing
her name to Kathy Bates.

Thanks to Lou for taking the pictures. If I had taken them, they'd be on some blurry-as-eff, finger-in-the-frame, no-trace-of-talent bullshit. I'm about as good at photography as I am at scoring a power play goal in ice hockey: mediocre at best.

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Drew said...

I like how your "fake" updates are about as lengthy and/or meaningful as any that I ever make.

Turtles seem like fun. I'll try to remember to bring back the rat and conspicuously-poorly-sealed canister of radioactive ooze.