Thursday, December 01, 2005

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The gulliest

If you haven't already,
go buy this dude's Feast or Famine and show some love to an actually-good Philly MC. Pic courtesy of Phillyhiphop, which is apparently back on the block all of a sudden. Oh, and read this interview with Reef. Good shit.

City Paper
EIC Duane Swiercynski (who wins the award for most copied-and-pasted last name ever; seriously, I just C&P'd it from the website) stopped by good ol' Uber Street tonight as part of his "Home Invasion" tour in support of The Wheelman. He read a particularly gruesome chapter from the novel (there was pen-stabbing!), answered a bunch of questions and was a good sport in general. Thanks! There was also much beer drinking, beer hiding, pizza eating, antacid taking, lame edited copy of Dead Alive watching, Collegian bonding, drunken cat-napping and "networking." Thanks to all that came out. Oh, go buy Duane's book, too.

It's not like my
Feeding Frenzy column is really relevant to anything, but I found the whole Silk City debacle to be really hilarious. Watch out for angry hipsters with butterfly knives in their shoulder holsters. You know, from a macro standpoint, that's just sound advice in general.

"Mythbusters Team Struck Down By Zeus."

Good news:
Emynd is officially on the roster over at Free Darko, the Amare Stoudemire of NBA blogs (not because they're out for the year...egh, too soon?). Congratulations, man. I'm looking forward to reading some epic posts about how Michael Doleac's 15-footer is racist.

Lots of Gary news this week:

Gary Glitter arrested for sexual crimes with children. Again. Check the quote: "I hate the name Gary Glitter," he reportedly said after being caught at Tan Son Nhat airport by an immigration officer who had remembered articles about the former singer. "It is too famous. Because of it, I draw so much attention." I think it's less the name and more the fact that you're suspected of having sex with underaged girls. I hope they don't boycott "Rock & Roll (Part 1&2) " from sporting events, because it would inevitably lead to an increase in the "What I Like About You" play count, and that is not a real song. Well, RRP1&2 isn't real, either. "We Will Rock You" definitely is, though.

La Salle basketball pariah/streaky shooter
Gary Neal is now playing for Towson, the university that 200 percent of my high school class attends. Dude is twisted. He was in one of Michelle's classes a few years back and she said all he did was sit in the back and make spaceship noises while the teacher lectured. Better than sexual assault, I suppose.

Gary Payton pulls a Cam'ron, puts his Bentley on eBay. The only problem is that dude got "GP" embroidered onto the seats, so (I think) buyers should be limited to said initials. Qualified purchasers, so far (and screw your idea to just get new seats, it's completely illogical):

George Perrier

Gary Player

Shadowmancer author/creepy reverend GP Taylor

Wow, you're really in good company, Glove! Best of luck with getting rid of that piece of shit.

Speaking of, Cam'ron freestyle from Rap City's halcyon days. Never thought I'd miss Tigger. Sigh. Uh, still fast forward through his rap, though.

Nas and Premier together? Ooh...

Busta Rhymes chops all his hair off as a publicity stunt to promote his latest Swizzy-produced single. I never really felt one way or another about Busta, but I've noticed that Tony Hawk manages to namedrop him as his favorite rapper pretty much every chance he gets. Weird.

Bow Wow airs out Will Smith in XXL: "He was more like a gimmick. Then he zapped in to get a TV show, and it was on and poppin’. Then after that he was in Hollywood. So things came easy for him. With me, I’m a rapper. I ain’t with the whole colorful cornball type things. That’s just not my style.” For confirmation, see here, here and here.

Great Michael Kinsler op-ed piece:
"The phony war against the critics."

Dude gets arrested for
serial Lego theft. What a blockhead! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some self-mutilation to do.


Pat H said...

I would not be surprised to see Georges Perrier buy it. The guy is batshit insane. He carries a little poodle with him everywhere and makes the waitresses in his restaurant walk it for him so he can hit on middle aged ladies at his overpriced restaurant.

Benny said...

I read the Gary Glitter faces the firing squad. That might be what your link is, but I'm not motivated enough to check. Anyway, wouldn't that be weird? It's morbid, but if they shot Gary Glitter, would he explode like a pinata full of confetti and bits of aluminum foil?

GonzoMC said...

Yo Drew, thanks for the swift kick in the behind on the blogfront man; I needed it today. I just caught up with your past two posts - some very cool shit. I really enjoy it, even if I don't know squat about hip-hop, even for an Entertainment Editor. Our blog connection makes me wish I got to know you better when I was at school, instead of the 5 times we chilled a year after I graduated. And no, I'm not on Ecstasy. I just give you bigups man. I'll let you know when I'll be around town post-xmas so we can burn one down. Peace bro.

Trebuchet said...

Payton did the same thing with all the entrances to his last mansion in Seattle -- I was there this year for a party (new owner, obv), and it still says "Payton's Place" over every door in ridiculously large lettering. Self-aggrandizing shit like that just bugs. Good call.