Monday, November 07, 2005

Picture this: it's SPACE!

While this photo is infinitely disturbing, at least
this dude doesn't read you your traffic

Oh yeah, with the title, I'm talking about this here. Can't you just picture some smarmy exec "pitching" it with that line? I'm mad at Favreau right now. That's why I haven't updated in a minute.

AHH interview with Dreddy Krueger. The project sounds good- GZA and Rass Kass? Gyeah!

Seems like Nathan Rabin and I are never going to agree on anything. He claims that Cunninlynguists is a stupid name; I feel that not only is the moniker cheeky and appealing, but it really reflects well on the dudes for having the sheer gall to stick with it. If I can't say it in front of my mom, it's probably good. I feel as though Rabin just wets himself every time he comes across anything "conscious," an approach that most of us learned to look past sometime in middle school. An unrelated AV Club post that I loved.

Review of the new Papoose over at Nastack. He's also been talking about how he thinks Weezy has co-opted Jay-Z's flow. I listened to "Fireman" today and I could definitely catch some shades of it, what with the lackadaisical style and strangely structured wordplay. I know Wayne has always been a little lazy (in a good way) with the flow, but he always kept it New Orleans with the heavy accent and all that (e.g. "if there' s any beef, I come 'ron like Mercer..."). Flow on the latest sounds a bit different...I'm just not sure if I heard it because I was listening for it, or if the lift is actually there. Thoughts?

In the light of our country's natural disasters and immense political unrest, it's reassuring that someone finally took up this cause. Thank you, sir.

I've been reading kinda reading W.E.B. DuBois' The Souls of Black Folk and the dude kills it. I particularly enjoyed his criticism of Booker T. Washington's plan for freedmen and how it let the oppressors off the hook; while Washington suggested that black people should concentrate on winning the approval of the white South and strive for industrial education (trades), DuBois championed the importance of higher education and blasted Washington's plan for essentially upholding the same standards they had worked to abolish. A particularly beautiful passage:
After the Egyptian and Indian, the Greek and Roman, the Teuton and Mongolian, the Negro is a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with second-sight in this American world,--a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. One ever feels his twoness,--an American, a Negro; two warring souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.
Good article breaking down the highly-contested Chestnut Hill Local saga. Also, I didn't write this, but it's got my name on it. Weird.

Nick Norlen dropped me a link to what sounds like the best version of Sleepy Hollow ever. Goldblum and Butkis probably murder it. Lend me that tape, man.

That Brooklyn Copeland left me some link love with that Depardieu article from the other day. Dude, I would've left you a comment in thanks, but you got no comment capabilities. What gives? I'll fight you, Copeland.

A few City Paper pieces here and here. Come to the CP Choice party at the Troc this to the public from nine on, I believe, and there will be circus performers. Yes, circus performers, bitches.

I'm starting a new "column" (ha!) in the paper about Facebook groups. Gonna be a top five list every week, with the inaugural piece highlighting some my personal favorites, which include:

1. Carl Weathers/Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
2. SFTAS: Society for the Appreciation of Seal Seal

3. I've Been Eyed Up by La Salle Security In A Way That I Feel Was Beyond Just Protective
4. I Want Dean Stockwell to Mentor Me
5. Allan Wendell Can't Hold Me Down

While we're at it, read this regarding the La Salle rape acquittal and laugh. While I don't necessarily disagree with the verdict, there's no question the guys are complete scumbags. I mean, the dude addressed here (the other guy's from in/around my hometown) has a four-year-old daughter (that I hear the University buys diapers for). Plus, his PG game isn't even that great. I just don't understand how Cleaves (no Mateen) could ever consider showing his face around school's obviously his decision, but I just think that would be awkward as hell. If I were him, I'd be signing a letter of intent at University of Guam or something.


emynd said...

I said the exact same thing about that new movie. I was like "What is this? Jumanji 2?" It even comes equipped with a weird name made up of letters that aren't that popular (i.e. "j" and "z"). As for Weezy, he's gotten a lot of flack about biting Jay since his last album "The Carter" dropped. In several interviews, Weezy was admitting that at the time he recorded that album, pretty much all he was listening to was Jay and that he loves him (nh), but so the eff what? Studying Jay made Weezy hella better. "The Carter" has several classic moments on it and Weezy is my favorite rapper right now. You could do a whole lot worse than studying 'hov.


Benny said...

Trapper, I thought we discussed this. No comment link because my ego couldn't take seeing "0 Comments" after 99 percent of my freshperspective posts. So, unless YOU want to comment on every freaking thing I have to say (right down to the generic brand cat food I'm buying for the stray right now) about life en general, don't you be pickin' no fights, y'all.

I can't figure out how to read other people's traffic!! People are too damn smart, or too damn private. People from Iran are visiting me, though. Pretty nifty, eh? EH?


GonzoMC said...

Dude, what's going on at the Local? Do you have any personal insight into this Drew? I had heard some things were going down, but this seems big. I mean, fucking Mishak quit! He was my Collegian mentor! I always knew that bastard had integrity. Hit me up with some fresh info man. And hey, if nothing else, maybe you can find yourself a job there for after graduation. All you need to do is sell your soul apparently, but like I said, I don't have the specifics.

Drew said...


You're right, Z is not too popular. That's why I like it in my last name. As for our other Z friends, Jay and Weezy, I agree with you. Wayne's gotten a lot deeper with his shit since studying Jay's "arts," or what have you. "Fireman" is the shit. What's that weird sound in the background, though? I swear it's Mike Jones.


My friend that commented below you was intrigued by your random link love. He wanted to say thanks, but, of course, your ass chose to not have comments. See!? Get on that, homey.


Uh, I told B about how you appreciate the link.

Benny said...

Nothing doing. It's more fun to keep building up comments on your blog.


Any friend of Anderson is a friend of mine. So. Can you, like, get me his number?

Drew said...

You know what? I just realized that both of our user icons have doods with sombreros in them.

Have you been giving me drugs while I sleep? Because, like, I'm having a lot of trouble believing that I'm just naturally this absent-minded/stupid.

Richard Stamos

Benny said...

I thought the little Three-Amigo-Drew-sombrero thing was intentional. I was trying to figure out which one of your friends is playing Martin Short's character.