Saturday, November 19, 2005

I am on a you train and I am lovin' it

Worst part? That cellphone has more
features than mine does. (

I caught this mock funeral for TO on the news the other day. Very funny and very Philly, but I found one detail not mentioned in that article to be slightly ridiculous. On the newscast they mentioned that they were donating all their TO jerseys to homeless people in the city. Michelle pointed out two major flaws with this:

1) that an NFL jersey is not going to keep a homeless person warm whatsoever;
2) a homeless dude wearing an Owens jersey in Philly is probably going to catch even more harrassment than he already does.

Shit sucks. Reminds me of the
Seinfeld when Elaine wants to donate the muffin bottoms to food banks but no one wants them. I don't like how they attached some faux social justice shit to this event, like they were really helping people by giving these jerseys to the less fortunate. If they really wanted to do that, they could've just trashed all the jerseys and gotten small donations from everyone who participated. Whoever organized this just forced the "help the homeless" angle to get sympathy claps or something. Bullshit.

Pound for Pound. Good blog, and dude shares my immense pain with the Arrested Development saga. Damn shame.

Yo, I'm working on this piece for
City Paper about spicy food. Like, really, really, really spicy food. I need to come up with a top five list of the spiciest dishes in and around Philly. If you know of something that might qualify, please don't hesitate to let me know.

In the market for gifts that say
"without you, my life is incomplete"? You is, and I knows it.

I had a load of work to do the other night, so took the best possible approach to getting it done: watching 50 Cent "Life & Rhymes" on MTV. Yes, I watched it. Yes, it was wildly entertaining. One thing struck me as weird, however: your boy M-A-dollar sign-E came out for 50's performance of "Window Shopper" and acted as consummate hype man. There was no "Give it up for my boy Mase..." or "Introducing the man who wears t-shirts with his own face on them" or anything like that. Dude just ran out, sing-songed through the chorus while doing that weird dance and ran off the stage. 50 didn't even shake hands or acknowledge when he came onstage or when he ran off. I know Mase has been
fucking with G-Unit since the summer, but looks like he's been seriously demoted in relevance. Poor guy.

Rob Swift review
right here. Shit still sounds pretty good. I've got a slew of pieces coming with OKP, namely Fort Minor (agh!), Skateboard P's latest, Biggie collab thing and dude named Sonny Boy who apparently used to eff with The Symbol.

Todd Williams pulls a Sidney Ponson. Assholes.

Thanks for
E for the Bunny Suicides re-link and the official Borat site. Best shit ever. I recently found out that Ali G Borat Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen is engaged to the crazy nympho chick from Wedding Crashers. What a couple.

Trapper Juan on a
ferret website. YES!

Finnegan introduced me to Pandora, a streaming radio station-type deal that matches up the music you like with other artists based on all sorts of complicated music genomes that I don't understand. Shit is dope though, and free to boot.

news editor Tracey is doing big things as marketing/advertising director over at the brand-new SUAVV Magazine. Debut issue features an interview with Voletta Wallace. Go 'head, Tracey!

Brandon Bird equals best artist ever. It would be too difficult to explain what he does, so just look at this, this and this. Beautiful.


kibbythugsquad said...

ummm... is that like, Brandon Bird as in INCUBUS..... eew. If so, Drew, all I have to say is WTF.... I mean, really. As I'm typing this, I'm beginning to think that maybe douche bag from INCUBUS is spelled Brandon BYRD. Maybe? I dunno, I'm drunk, but maybe. Get back to me on this one. Also, Ali G going out with that girl = totally wierd. And I totally agree with Michelle's points about those fucking jerseys.... fuck whoever thought THAT was a good idea. I'm glad that I posted this insightful and important response to this blog entry. And by the way Drew, I don't know of any spicy food so whya don't you back up and stop sending chain emails, jerk.

HAHA- my word verification is ZUMYDCE! (it's funny to me and ryan right now, ok?)

Drew said...

Hey Kibby, I think Incubus dude's name is Brandon Boyd. And you (or was it Brooke?) loves him, so don't pretend like you don't. I'm sorry about the chain e-mails, but at least they're not about little knife murderer girls with no eyes that stalk people if they don't pass the e-mail on. Holler.

kibby said...

Ahhh, yes Brandon Boyd! And it was NOT me that loves is Brooke. I think that the obsession has passed, but for a while-- WHOA! Also, I'm not really mad about your chain emails at all. But i still don't know of any spicy foods really. Sorry.

Benny said...

Ferrets, eh? My sister just got one of dem, and I named it fooktard, which she actually kept. Sigh.

Drew said...

Yeah, the people I wrote the article about freakin' HEART ferrets. I think they're kinda cool pets, but a bit creepy. My ex-girlfriend had two of them and they sketched me out. They were constantly stealing her shit and she could never find them; the only way she could lure them out would be to put bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch out for them, since it was the only food they ate. Fuckin' ferrets, man.

Benny said...

My sister is crazy obsessed like that. For Christmas, instead of nice presents, I'm going to get her ferret bedding. Cedar chips. And a leash. And maybe some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, now that you mention it.