Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The entire cashew/raisin ratio is askew

I've been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm season four on DVD non-stop for the past few days, and the shit is amazing. A friend of mine once told me that Larry David is the only television character he can truly identify with. I found this to be humorous to an extent, and slightly disturbing, as dude gets in fights about the most trivial shit ever (this, of course, is precisely what makes the show so brilliant). It got me wondering if LD is truly like the asshole character he portrays on Curb. I really hope he is. One time, we watched a Curb clip in one of my classes, and someone who didn't know that LD was the writer/creator of Seinfeld commented that it reminded them of the show's humor. Some other kid felt the need to raise his hand and condescendingly inform the other dude of this fact. I couldn't help but think that both of these people kinda sucked- the first dude for not knowing that LD was the Seinfeld archduke, and the other dude for thinking that knowing this made him special. Come on, kids.

Shit, so I rescind my dumb
Jumanji comment from the other day. Michelle informed my uninformed ass that Chris Van Allsburg (check that picture!) actually wrote Zathura as a sequel of sorts to Jumanji. Sorry if I offended any Van Allsburg fans. Regardless of that, it seems to me that most film adaptations of this dude's work tend to be poorly received.

Programming language inventor or serial killer?

Archive of the amazing Ali G NBA spots. The best shit is the Steve Nash MP3 clip. Speaking of SBC, E with some thoughts on this article. I can't really speak for Kazakhstan (shit, I didn't know it was the world's ninth-largest country), but I feel like they may need to lighten up a little. I mean, how many ridiculous stereotypes of Americans are out there? Europeans love that shit, mostly because they're all true don't they? Whatever. Borat is still amazing regardless of how much Kazakhstani ire he catches.

18-year-old kid
wins mayoral race in a Michigan town by two votes. So gully.

I don't delve too much into
Skillz, but dude's freestyle (YSI) is insane. Not sure when this is from...he gets really nostalgic with the braggadocio towards the end. Fat Man Scoop and I like it. We both scream for ice cream, too. Oh, and just in case if you're in dire need of FMS wallpaper...I know you are. Just admit it.

I haven't been to
Grouphug in a minute, but I'm glad I started going back. I'm consistently amazed by how much this shit varies. For example, here are two confessions located on the same page:

"As a freshman in college, I had to read The Republic by Plato. Honest, I tried. It sucked. I bought the Cliffs notes, wrote my paper and got an A. I rock. That's my 'fess."

So innocent, and not even funny. But wait....

"It pisses me off the way society is forced to accommodate some perversions and detest others. Why is homosexuality allowed when incest or consensual pedophilia is not? Either sex is for procreation or it's not - but let's not be hypocrites."

WHOA! Slow down, you homophobic incestuous pederast, you. Weird. Yeah, for more bizarre confessions like this, please visit

Talib's got a mix coming out on
Crotch Koch on Nov. 22, I believe. Peep here for some streams. "Fly That Knot" with the Doom guest spot is hot. Can I just say that I hate the word "Koch"? Conceptually, the label is dope since rappers can put out their shit indie-style (although its kinda annoying when certain rappers who will remain camoflaged boast about doing 'big numbers' on the shit). I'm just speaking in terms of the term "Koch" itself. Couldn't they come up with something catchier, or at least something less awkward-sounding? guess not, as CEO is a Koch. That's okay, I guess. He's vaguely European, and I'm into that. Also, chalk up the award for Angloest news report ever.

Do NOT play the
Age Project if you have important stuff to do. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Yesterday, I wrote up the re-release of Rob Swift's
Soulful Fruit, which came out in '97 I believe. Should be up on OKP sometime. Anyway, the album still sounds good after a bunch of years. It's not like it's the most innovative shit in the world, but if you compare it to some of his contemporaries as well as some of the dudes today, it definitely holds it own. YSI is currently down, but I plan on sharing some tracks here sometime soon. Love the Bruce Lee cuts on this record.

Shoals compares the
NFL and NBA over at Free Darko. Interesting post.

The dude Perpetua over at
Fluxblog doesn't post hip-hop all that often, but he came with a Wu-Tang (specifically Meth) mini-retrospective two good songs yesterday. I commented that I have always loved dude's verse on "NYC Everything," and Bobby's as well (he draws a touching parallel between womanly excretions and apple cider, which I can really relate to). Good looks.

"Drink a bottle a day and become a
hero of Socialist flavour!"

Dude on some
real-life Van Wilder shit. I guess this is slightly amusing, but dude needs to get a life. Come on, man. It's more sad than anything else.


kibby said...

Van Wilder dude is a super-huge douchebag. Even the way he looks is skeevy...eew. Also, I am AWESOME at both the serial killer game (perfect score) and that age-guessing thingy. I should consider going into the age/weight guessing carnival thing as a career option.

Trebuchet said...

While I don't know Van Wilder, I do have to say I knew a guy in college who was 39 and had been consistently going to school there since he was 19. We called him "G'pa" -- actually, everyone did -- and I don't still know his real name, despite drinking with him more than once. He was shaped EXACTLY like a keg of beer, and was about as tall. Also, he played on every intramural sports team his fraternity had and sucked at all of them. And he was balding, badly.

Also, my lips are sealed about the whole car thing... promise.

This week's word verification: "sisapl". Sounds like a weird crossbred fruit.

Drew said...


The age-guessing game is tough. Michelle is addicted to it.


39!? What the eff, man? Dude is living the dream. I'm simultaneously jealous and embarassed for him.