Thursday, November 24, 2005

Connecting like a roundhouse from the townhouse to the tenements

Happy Thanksgi--what do you mean wrong pilgrims? Racist.

Happy Thanksgayving? Note to self: grow up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Talib Kweli review on OKP. My basic thing: Kweli's stuck somewhere between mainstream and underground, which basically means that he gets hated on by misguided "purists" and ignored by the ultra-mainstream audience at the same time. Hip-hop purgatory probably sucks. Album had some good shit on it, but I bet it's tough to come out with something that'll appeal to the Black Star faithful and white girls Beautiful Struggle fans at the same time. Dude is too good for one camp and not good enough for the other. Regardless, I think record is worth a listen. Get it at The Smoking Section (scroll it).

Story about how search engines have recently become important to Internet users. Apparently, the "search-using population" makes up 90 percent of people online. It's funny, because I recently discovered some great search engines--I think they're called Yahoo! and Google. Apparently, you just type the address into the bar at the top of your "browser" and they pop up, and you can find pretty much anything you're looking for. These search engines are pretty useful: they helped me discover that this guy was gay (don't spread that around though, I don't want to compromise dude's reputation as a ladies' man). So many revelations this week.

For better or for worse worse, I've been watching a crapload of the Nick GAS network recently. I've become reacquainted with some of my old favorites, most notably Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, Get The Picture and Finders Keepers, a program that was buried in my archival subconscious along with recessed memories such as my sixth grade locker combo and the current location of my car keys. Shoutout to Mike O'Malley, who rides with the Wiggles. I realize that waxing nostalgic about Nick shows is incredibly hackneyed--it basically involves attaching some significant meaning to memories that pretty much every possesses ("Dude, remember 9/11?"). Regardless, Gerard was able to find a site that offers all the Hidden Temple t-shirts. I smell large-scale Halloween costume project/excuse to wear wristguards. Dibs on Green Monkeys, bitches.

This winter, I'm going to start writing up high school basketball for the Chestnut Hill Local. It's weird, basketball is my favorite sport (I'm not going to do it, don't worry), but I've never formally written about it. The only sports I've done for real real are baseball and rugby (random). Needless to say, I'm excited about it. Expect many references to assist-to-turnover ratio and maybe some forced allusions to my dude. Just kidding. Good read: story on former Lasallian/Heatie and current Hornet Rasual Butler. I like the homecoming angle on this, although I don't agree that many NBAers try to "downplay" a return to their hometown. Maybe some do, but I feel like a lot of the biggest dudes show a lot of love to their roots. Sheed's all about it, and I'm liking the "B More" 'Melo ad I caught the other day. What the hell was Jim Boeheim doing on Myrtle Ave., though? Get outta there, Coach!

The Terps hung with the Zags for awhile the other night. How do you stop this Adam Morrison character? Jesus. Dude looks like a bit of an oaf but is seriously deadly. I saw him play a bit last year, but this year he seems even crazier. I couldn't believe it (43 against the Spartans, AND he's diabetic?). Also, how exactly does Gonzaga consistently attract good white guys? I know there's plenty of talented blancos out there, but Zags seem to crank 'em out like BYU cranks out Mormons. Maybe it's because it's up in Washington state. Who knows. Anyway, my quasi-dudes Strawberry and Gist are looking (somewhat) ready for the season.

Overheard in NY, the grand inspiration for the Collegian's humble "Out of Context" column.

Couldn't fall asleep the other night so I decided to archive all the written work on my harddrive as .zip files then e-mail it to myself. No real pressing reason to do this, but it's nice to know it's all there in case my computer dies unexpectedly. I know I say this about as often as I say that Quantum Leap is a good show (read: daily), but Gmail seriously changed my life. Feel free to ask if you want an invite/want permission to ring the "nerd alert" bell.

Another thing I did in my non-sleeping state: register at Blogshares. But why? I don't understand it at all. I will be the first to tell you that I don't know anything about the stock market, and using links as currency really isn't stepping up my knowledge game very much. I think I have 500 shares of Trapper Juan--I think that's good, but should I have more? Also, I got a random e-mail saying some other guy gave me a "gift" of 10000 shares of some other blog. Is that good? Should I sell it, or should I keep it for my "portfolio"? Do I have to check this shit all the time to see if prices are changing or something? What am I getting myself into? The fuck?! I'm a complete idiot. If someone with a rudimentary understanding of economics can break this down for me, I would appreciate it.

Another ridiculous thing I signed up for. I fell asleep with my iTunes on random shuffle the other night and it logged a shitload of random stuff on my playlist. Now, I can share my terrible musical tastes with the world you're lucky Men Without Hats only appears once.

Free Darko t-shirts? That's what's up.


Lou said...

Serlously, Last FM, for doing not much of anything and probably seeling our informaiton to some record label (see the system of a down references all over their main charts and such, that shit can't be real nobody listens to them that much), the site if addictive. I check it all the time just to see if it's logging what I'm listening to. Ridiculous.

Drew said...

It is pretty dope. I wonder how it works...a tiny archiving gnome inside my computer, maybe?

Benny said...

Oh my god. I'm so bored, and feel like I've gone so long without updating my own blog, that I just had to find someone else's blog and write about how pathetic I am.

PS- Liberaunchy is hot shit. If I can manage to persist in having a crush on Andersoncooper360, I can dream about Mr. Bling/Man-bouffant fo-sho.


emynd said...

I was thinking the same thing about the Zags and white boys the other day. It's seriously amazing.


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